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Why my tamagotchi Rules

Why MY tamagotchi Rules  

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  1. 1. Why MY tamagotchi Rules

    • Sadly if your tama is uncool make it cool!! Ill i do is spoil my tamas' buy them stuff alot of stuff. I also let them connect with anyone i now so they have friends. And to let you know i have 9 tamas' the are all 0 and are going to be 1 when they evolve again.Accept my favorite one her name is Phebe (ring a bell) she just got done with matchmaker and has a baby girl Phebe is going to be 9 by tonite! And how i know these things well my 0 year olds had kids before there batteries died sadly i miss the ones who had kids then the battery died and when ever im on this Phebe is right next to me beeping with her baby.I might name the baby girl Anne. (REPLY IF YOU WANT MORE INFO I ONLY GAVE YOU MY UNSURE TO WORK ONES AND REPLY IF YOUR TAMA HAS A KID TO)

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Phebe :) is 9



:D And if your tama is mines age or Abby's 0,Mike 0,Billy 0,Oreo 0,Jelle 0,

Alona 0, Amy 0, and Sam 0.





:) Ps thats what my tama looks like :(


:P oh and if your tama is there ages or :ph34r: age plz reply im sure they'ed like distant friends :)

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