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Yay!! Now I can get the matchmaker to come!! well, at least until I find my tama..

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I know you want this pinned (like most people), however, most of these tips I am afraid are quite popular, and there are many topics pinned already. There is also so much information about so many different Tamagotchis, that is is a big pure to read. I think it is fine as it is, though it is a good job. :kusatchi:

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so wut if there is sooooo much to read thats the good part about it . they dont need to look at alot of topics to find wut they r looking 4 they just need to look hear !...its as easy as that!!

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Where do you put in the codes for the royal costume. I know its on tamatown but like what building.



P.S. is gkb. supposed to have a period at the end?

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it doesn't work

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So you want to start from the VERY beginning? You probibly just got your Tama, right? Well here are some tips that are pretty basic to help you get going. First of all, here are the English instructions.



Food & Exercise

Your Tama eats different foods as it grows up but it will always have a meal and a snack. A meal causes them to gain one pound and a snack gains 2 pounds. Feeding them snacks doesn't fill them up but it makes them happy. You're better off pplaying games to make them happy though. If they gain too much weight they could get sick. When they play games they loose weight. The jump game will make them loose 3 pounds IF you win level 3 at least. The dance game makes them loose 2 pounds but you have to do at least one routine properly.




Every Tama needs sleep. Babies take naps at random times. Here is when all the other Tamas sleep:

Toddler:8:00 pm-9:00 am

Ichigotchi and Young Mimitchi: 8:00 pm-9:00 am

Oniontchi and Hinotamitchi:9:00 pm-10:00 am

Mametchi and Mimitchi: 9:00 pm- 8:00 am

Kuchipatchi and Memetchi: 10:00 pm- 9:00 am

Hanatchi and Androtchi: 9:00 pm-9:00 am

Masktchi and Gozarutchi: 11:00 pm-10:00 am

Tarakotchi: 10:00 pm-8:00 am

Oyajitchi: 11:00 pm-10:00 am

The Old Folks:8:00 pm-7:00 am




Now you can connect 2 Tamagotchis together to make friends, get presents and even find romance! The more you connect, the better friends you will be. If a girl and a boy are good enough they might even have kids! One baby will go to each screen and then the adult will leave after 24 hours. The baby is the next generation and the whole life cycle starts again. You can still get Tama-babies even if you can't connect to anyone. 72 hours after your Tama becomes an adult the Matchmaker will come to find you a partner. She will come at 10:00 am, 3:00 pm and 7:00 pm for a few days so you can't miss her.







Here are some other tips, codes and random stuff. You don't need to know this stuff to play with your Tama,it's just entertaining stuff.



Back From the Dead!!!

If your Tama dies you'll probibly be sad and wish he/she was back, right? Well now you can bring your tama back from the dead! When your Tama dies push A and C to get a new egg. But push B and select DOWNLOAD and your Tama will be back from the dead! Don't let your Tama out of you sight for about 10 minutes though, or it might die again!




On special day your Tama will celebrate with you! Here is a chart of all the events I know and when they take place. You can change the day and time to see the events take place!



Holiday/Event Date Time

Christmas December 23-25 Random Times Throughout The Day

Santa Comming December 24 11:59 PM

Happy New Year! December 31-January 1 Around Midnight

Valentines Day Febuary 14 Random Times Throughout The Day

Hallowe'en October 31 Random Times Throughout The Day

Your Birthday The Birthday You Used When You Created Your Tama Random Times Throughout The Day






Back in time!

When your Tama evolves and you want it to go back to it's last stage then try this. Make sure you haven't connected or done anything major since it evolved. Push the reset button the push B and select DOWNLOAD. You tama should be back to the last stage!

When you push DOWNLOAD your tama gose back to the last major stage in it's life, like evolving. Try it for other things too!



Keep the Adult!!

2 midnights after your Tama has a baby the parent leaves, right? WRONG! If you pause it at night then the adult can never leave and will continue to grow older until it dies. When you want the parent to leave then just leave it unpaused over night!




I was on the TamaTalk message boards when I saw a post by (*Violet*) that talked about ROM tests and connecting with eggs. I decided to check it out and it's quite kewl so I want everyone to know how.

To do a basic ROM test or Connect With an Egg you have to push Reset,A,B,and C at the same time. Let go of reset first, then the other 3 and you will be at a dark screen. Push A,B,C,A, and the screen should say ROM TEST. Wait and it will change to ROM OK, then push A and you will be at the Stand-By screen for connecting. Just connect like normal.


i would post the shop codes but a lot of people that post topics like mine have then so i didnt bother.



random eventz.

brushing teeth - adult

bathtime-teen & adult


running and falling-teen and tarakotchi adult.

singing-teen and adult.




make tama have a bath-it must be a teen. change time to 7:29pm.

make tama kiss the screen-must be an adult set time to 11:59am

make tama sing-must be a teen .change time to 11:29am.

make tama brush teeth-must be an adult pu time to 6:29pm



royal costume.

make user name : gkb.

put in-57536-30097

put in-83872-19822

put in-01354-55110

there ya go.



match maker!

comes at 10 3 and 7.






a hint a lot of people dont no !!!!

well when u but the chest and ure tama turns into a baby for a few seconds ure tama looses weight !!!! and if ure tama turnz into the matchmaker for a few seconds u gain weight !!!






Tamagotchi is a virtual pet made by BANDAI which you take care of. It is best for the younger ages. It is a lot of work, yet it's fun. It's a small, not too small, gadget with a LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screen where you see the tamagotchi character which is made up of tiny dots called pixels. A tamagotchi is like a child. It needs food snacks and it goes to the toilet. Like a regular person it needs exercise. You exercise your tama by playing

games with it. It would only play a game if it is at least 2 pounds over its base weight which is the weight it cannot go under. All tamagotchis don't like the same things and eat different foods.


How long does it take for my tama to evolve?

A tamagotchi would transform accurately if you do not pause it; pausing slows down the aging process.

Egg-Baby=1 or 2 minutes

Baby-Toddler=1 hour

Toddler-Teen=1 day (24hours)

Teen-Adult=3 days (72 hours)

Potty training:

When you see your tama with 2 swirling lines on each side, it means it will poop. You have to go to the toilet icon and press it. You should see your tama on a toilet/duck etc. That’s how it gets potty trained but to tell you the truth I never heard of anyone who actually got there tama trained.

Pausing and Un-pausing your tama:

To pause or un-pause your tama, you must press and hold down the a button then press the b button. When you pause your tama the growth is slowed down.

Points and items:

You get to keep the points if your tama dies and had a baby to go to the next generation. You loose all your points if your tama dies from poor care. The same goes for the items.


Jump--For the game jump you must press the coordinating button that goes with the circle on the screen. For a better chance of winning keep the sound on. When the circle turns black and beeps (happens at the same time) press the coordinating button. For instance the middle circle (button :D turns black; as this happens press button b.

Bump--I would require to have your tama very heavy at about 40-45lbs. The heavier your tama, the better to win this game. After your opponent appears on the screen, press button b repeatedly very quickly until the 'push' bar appears. You should have gotten a good amount of energy if you pressed it fast enough.

Heading--An easy way to win heading is to go back to the middle of the screen after each head-but. To hit the ball you have to press the middle button (:(. Do it before the ball reaches your tama's head.

Slots--After you place your bet, look carefully at the tama; the different faces get different things. example a face with x for eyes I believe gives a triangle which is worth 1 point.

How to work the costumes?

1st of all you must be an adult to use the costumes. As a matter of fact most items can be used only as an adult. Anyway to put it on go to it and press button b. Your tama will take off the costume when it goes to sleep. If you want it off before it's time to go to sleep, you can set the time to it's sleeping time then set it back to normal.


How long do they last? About 1 month and a few days

You can get the batteries in Walgreen’s, Wal-Mart and Radio Shack.

What is a tamagotchi's base weight???






Okay first thing's first. You don't necessarily need 2 tamas to mate.

Getting babies by connecting--Both of your tamas must be adults and of the opposite sex (gender). Connect them a lot so they are in love, you will know that they are in love by checking in the friends list under the mate you will see 4 hearts. They must be adults for 48-72hours (2-3 days).

Getting babies by the matchmaker--The matchmaker will come after 72hours (3 days) of being an adult. When she comes you simply press button a or b...If you press a you will get a boy and if you press b you will get a girl (This goes for both ways of getting babies).

Oh no! I missed the matchmaker! What do I do now?!--Don't worry, it's okay. She comes at 10.30am, 3pm and7pm.If you don't want to wait till those times then you can simply set the time 1 minute before the hour and wait 1 minute then she will come.


I really don't like debugging but I'll tell you about it anyway. If you debug your tama you can make it grow faster and choose which character you want. It is very tricky and risky.NOTE: If you don't want to risk your tama or break it do NOT do this. So lets get to the "actions" of debugging. You will need a very tiny star screwdriver a soft led pencil and your eyes (lol).

Step 1: Turn your tama around and do as if you are taking out the battery to replace it. Step 2:Take the battery out and unscrew the 4 tiny screws. Take it apart carefully. Step 3:Put the battery in the spot where it is supposed to be and look below it to the left you will see 2 semi circles. Under them should say 'debug'. Step 4: Color the semi circles with the led pencil carefully. Then put the tamagotchi back together and press reset. You should be able to choose a character now.

Want To un-debug your tama? Simple. You will need a soft/kneaded eraser for this and a tiny screw driver.

Do steps 1 & 2 from the above. Take the eraser and carefully erase the led off the 2 semi circles. Put the tamagotchi back together like before. Your tama should be back to normal.


When sending presents from a V2 to a V1 it should not be wrapped.

When sending presents from a V2 to a V2 you can wrap it.

Wrapping- 1.Go to the little book 2.Select Present 3.Select the present you want to wrap with the ‘a’ button. 4. Now is the question ‘Sure? Yes No’ Select yes.

Want to unwrap the present and keep it for your use instead?

Unwrapping-Do the same as you did when wrapping the present.




Here are the only 2 passwords that work for all V3s - 63532 86367= Ink Pen

- 32479 91490= !! (clone)

Games Games:

Get is a game where you must collect falling music notes into a bag and dodge all the falling messes in order to win.

Bump is the same as the V2 but the points are doubled.

Tip for Bump: If your tama is really really heavy (60-99lbs), it has a better chance of winning.

Flag - where ever a flag pops up on the screen, you have to press the corresponding button. However, there are imitation flags that will end the game if you press them.

Tip for Flag: 1) If you have on the sound listen carefully because the real flag/flags have a long beep when they appear. and 2) If the sound is off you will notice that the imitation flags are smaller than the real ones.

Heading - again same as V2 but the points are doubled.

Tip for Heading: After hitting the ball, go back to the middle of the screen.

Memory - some arrows are played in a certain way and you must follow the sequence.

Tip for Memory: Get a pen and piece of paper and write down the way the arrows go. You can use 1 2 3 or a b c, which ever you wish. The numbers or letters would correspond with the buttons. That would be for the harder levels because the first ones are easy.

Sprint - a game where you must press any button continuously in order to help your tamagotchi win.

What I've noticed is the higher stage your tama is in you get more points.

Games with Connecting: All the games when connecting are new. They are Ball Balancing, Flag, Block Tower Building and Rc Car racing. A new feature is whichever tamagotchi wins the game in a connecting type, wins points according the tama's stage. Some V3 facts Tamagotchi Connection V3 was released in February 2006. Tama Town opened around the same time still under construction though. Like the V2, it borrows some features from the latest version of the Japanese toy, but greatly simplifies them. This means that the V3 does not go to school, get a career, or receive a salary. It debuted with 6 new colors. CLICK HERE Later on another wave of colors were released. CLICK HERE and yet another has been released CLICK HERE. 20 new characters were added (for a total of 52) and 4 new games were added. V3 can connect with all connections/xions. Items.. Trashing If you have too many items or for some reason you want to trash some here is what you do. Go to the book icon and choose 'Presents'. Select 'Item' and then choose the item you wish to trash. You will see 'Wrap?' press the A button and you will see 'Trash?'. Press A again to select it.. then yes or no. V3 Training Like the V1 and V2, when your tama is crying or has it's back turned to you, you praise it. When it beeps for no reason, (meaning all/at least 1 heart for both meters are filled), you punish/time out. The addition with training on the V3 is with presents. If you wrap a present and send it to another V3 and a snake, poo or jack-in-the-box shows on the screen, when your tama comes back to it's screen you punish/time out. Donations for King To donate the points to the King, go to the book icon and select Points. You then press the 'a' button and you will see "Donation for King? Yes No''. Choose yes if you want to donate. You have to donate 5,000GP, which will give you a ring; 12,000GP, which will give you a cape and 30,000GP which will give you a crown.-When you donate points to the King, you'll have to do it in steps meaning, if your donating 5000 GP then you have to enter like 1000 then another 1000 then 3000 in order to get a prize. After you get all 3 items (which will be in your Souvenirs) you will get a 'Royal Costume'. The Royal Costume will appear in your items list and your adult tama can wear it. Golden Tamagotchi on Tama Town

The Golden Tamagotchi has finally been released on Tama Town on the "High Bandwidth". You have to look all around Tama Town to find 10 special items, instead of stars.



Here are the items you have to find and there locations.

Foot Ball - Toy Store

Necklace - Clothing Store

Jacket - Clothing Store

Rabbit Slippers - Clothing Store

Paintbrush - School

Tie - School (on teacher)

Bag - Food Court

Windmill - Games Center

Banjo - Music Store

Hat - Travel Agency (click on the Chile picture)



Basic care for your Tama.

First up, you have to feed your tama. If you keep feeding it with food and after a while it shakes it's head saying 'no' that means it's full. When the 4 hearts in the Hunger Meter are full that can be where you stop feeding it until they need food again. You can feed your tama the snacks and/or treats(V2) to raise the Happy Meter. As to feeding it snacks, your tama gains 2 pounds while when feeding it treats or food it gains 1 pound. To get the weight off you should exercise your tama and this is where the games come in. You should not let your tama get over weight because then it won't be healthy and that would hinder you from getting a "good" character.

People always ask how to raise the training bars. Now you may see your tama crying or it may have it's back turned to you you should praise your tama. That will raise 1 bar on the training line. If your tama apparently beeps for no reason meaning it has at least 1 heart in both happy and hunger meters then you should punish/give it a time out. Also, if your tama has wrapped present and it gives a bad present when it connects with another tama, when it appears on the screen again, punish it. This too will raise 1 bar on the line.

thank you very helpful I bet it took you a week

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i heard that there is a code to make your tamagotchi get 9,999 that true?? if it is, can some one PLEASE give me the password?

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Hi do you know what is the souviner for #32 here

and where to get it?

and do you know the code for hatching twins here??? :( :( :(

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there is no twin code.

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there is no code to get 9999 points,and there is no code o get twins,just ignore the ppl like dat,k? :(

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How long do they last? About 1 month and a few days

You can get the batteries in Walgreen’s, Wal-Mart and Radio Shack.

I have had my tama for 3 months or more and I have not had to change my battery./....... sorry but I think that you are wrong ..... ;)

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there is no code to get 9999 points,and there is no code o get twins,just ignore the ppl like dat,k? :)

There is a code to get twins/clone. Its called !! and the password is 32479 91490. Go ahead and try it.

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