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Okay so this Korean Tamagotchi website (which far surpasses that of the English Tamagotchi website) has been around for quite a few months. Some people might've translated it already but I made a little picture to explain what almost every page is. So here's the site:


Here's the guide pic:

*see bottom of post*


And here's all of the descriptions of the pages by number (interesting pages marked with a *)


1. Shows a picture and description of each character in Tamagotchi Plus/Connection/Connexion (they're all the same thing anyway). The little orange bars on top go to the next page of characters.


2. A chart of the actual Tamagotchi egg with a short description of certain icons and buttons on it.


3. A page showing the History of Tamagotchis. Pictures of the original Gen 1 in 1996 and others released after that. The orange button on top goes to a page with a list of Tamagotchi Historical information...but it's in Korean so I have no idea what it says.


4. Here you can click on a picture of each icon and it explains what each one does.


5. All Korean text, I don't know what it is.


6. A Question and Answer section. Again, in Korean, so this won't be useful.


7. Seems like some kind of messageboard.


8. Another messageboard-type page.


9 to 12. You might need to be signed up to access this page. When I click it a little message pops up, and when I click okay it sends me back to the main page.


*13. A page with a bunch of Tamagotchi flash games on it.


Game 1: A DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) type game. Use the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard to hit the left and right arrows when they align with the ones on the squares surrounding Mimitchi. Use the space button to hit the up and down arrows when they align with the ones on the squares surrounding mimitchi.


Game 2: I have NO IDEA how this game works. If anybody figures it out, let me know.

UPDATESpiffy was the first to submit the way to play this game:

I was looking through the reference section and that game tricker treat sent that you don't know how it works, here's how it is done: on a character to submerge him

2.Press space to make him go down lower. Bubbles give you oxygen, fish and stuff get rid of it. You have to get the pearl before you run out of breath.


Game 3: Use the space button to hop over the hurdles. Press space once for small hurdles and press it twice and hold to hop over the big ones.


Game 4: Avoid the falling skulls! Use the left and right arrow keys to move back and forth, and make sure you pick up the rice. The rice makes you evolve from a baby to a teen to an adult. If you get hit with a skull as an adult, you go back to a teen. If you get hit with a skull as a teen, you go back to a baby. And if you get hit with a skull as a baby, you lose a life.


*14. Tamagotchi Flash movies! Click the little pictures on the bottom of the page to pick from one of the 5 flash movies currently available.


15-16. More messageboard-type pages.


*17. The Tamagotchi Song! A flash movie with all of the Tamagotchis dancing to the Tamagotchi song.


*18. E-cards. I tried to send one and an error came up. I don't know if it's like this for all of the cards.


*19. 2 Tamagotchi Wallpapers! Choose a resolution size to view or download the picture, then set it as your wallpaper!


*20. A Tamagotchi screensaver. Mametchi and Memetchi are in love, and it looks like the setting they're in is one of the backgrounds in the actual tamagotchi egg! Check your background to see if you have that one.


*21. Tamagotchi Mouse Cursors. Fun stuff. Turn your cursor into a tamagotchi!


22. You can go ahead and attempt to use this shopping area...but it's all in Korean and such. Not a great idea if you don't live in Korea.


23. Some pages describing Tamagotchi events. I don't know what any of them are about, though.


And that's all! I hope this was useful.





Thanks to TrickerTreat for posting this (original post)

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