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Tamagotchi game coming for the Nintendo Wii

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The following was found at [url=""]IGN[/url]

[quote]First Tamagotchi Wii Details
Tamagotchi for... president?
by IGN Staff

September 13, 2006 - The DS has had numerous million sellers in Japan, but only one of them originated from a third party. Bandai's Tamagotchi virtual pet is still big business, driving strong sales of Corner Shop and its sequel, and now the success is set to make it over to Wii. Bandai Namco will be bringing Tamagotchi no Pika Pkia Daityouryou! to the Wii for Japanese release some time this year.

The premise is a little different for this console entry. Set up as a board game, your goal is to get a large support rating and eventually become the president of Planet Tamagotchi. As you cross sections on the board, you earn ratings. The person with the highest ratings on voting day wins the election.

Where there's a board game, there's sure to be mini games. Specifics on the mini games haven't been revealed as yet, but expect heavy use of the Wiimote.

Details on Tamagotchi's Wii outing should follow in the coming weeks. Stay tuned![/quote]

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