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what is your fav kind of tamagotchi?  

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  1. 1. what is your fav kind of tamagotchi?

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Well just look for a small enough icon and right click on it. Once you right click, select "Save Picture As" and then you will have to choose a name for it. Once you're done choosing a name, click "Ok" and you'll have the icon ready! Next scroll all the way up to the top, put your mouse over the word "Settings" and scroll down and click "Edit Avatar". Next you'll have to Browse for the icon you want as your avatar. If you can remember the name look for the name (the pictures in your Picture Folder are in alphabetical order) or if you can remember what the icon looks like, look for the icon, once you find it, click "Ok". Then you can click "Save" (or if it has "Submit" click that). If it's small enough, you'll have your avatar up!



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why did you put a poll here that dosen't match your title , or question?

Lol I have the simulator featured in your avatar and I like your siggy...


You know, sometimes people like having completely irrevelant polls for the fun of it.


I like v1s. I'm the only person who voted for v1! They are the BEST of the connexions!


If your image is too big, it is automatically resized.

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