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Tamagotchi plushies and candies for the holidays

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Latest from Bandai:

[quote]Dear Tama-friends and loyal fans,

In our efforts to keep each of you informed of Tama-terrific news,
Bandai America would like to announce a "sweet deal" - just in time for
the holiday season!  Our friends at GALERIE have introduced a new line
of Tamagotchi character plush with delectable candy.  Hurry to your
local Kmart store now to find these adorable characters that actually
"blush" when you press their tummies-full of candy, no doubt!

Additionally, new "Treat Keeper" characters include a handy zipper
pocket on the back for you to store candy or anything else.  And, like
other items in Bandai America's popular "Gotchi Gear" line, these
characters have a loop for you to easily clip them onto backpacks,
purses and more.

Remember, your friends Mametchi, Memetchi, Kuchipatchi and Ichigotchi
with candies can only be found at Kmart stores this holiday season!  Get
them while you can for an added treat or the perfect stocking stuffer!

From Your Friends at Bandai America

P.S.  Thank you yet again for all your support - Tamagotchi Connection
Version 3 remains the #1 selling virtual pet toy.  Hooray![/quote]

EDIT - Scroll down for an updated post which includes the images! Edited by Admin

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Oh I'm there already! :D I'm getting two of each :D

Thanks SO MUCH for letting us know! I never would've known, I rarely visit KMart. :)

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Late update... Images of the new items are available now... :huh:

<img src="" alt="Image of Tamagotchi plushies">

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