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blueberry _fox

Favorite Food Chart

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hi every one :rolleyes: ,

ok so in my instructions for my version 2 Connextion it said that each character has favorite and least favorit food items from the shop.

The instructions also said if you feed them there favorite food there happiness will go up but if you feed them something they don't like the meter could go down to zero.

So i was thinking of making a chart of characters with there favorit and least favorte foods listed.

but i need your help. this is what you can do if you feed your tama an item from the shop and it likes it or if you feed it some thing and it looks like it dosent like it fill out the little form below as a post.

ps: if your tama likes the food it jumps up and down with the little sun in the corner of the screen.

pps: if your tama doesent like the food it will make a sad face and the happy meter will go down.

I have included examples, when using this form you replace the witing that is in green (don't worry bout making yours green)

Food Form:
Tama Type (Connection/Connextion):[color=green]Connextion [/color]
Tama Character:[color=green]Ringotchi[/color]

if you don't know the name of your character check out this thread [url=""][/url] if you still cant figger it out write a discription.

once i have some good replys i will start to make a chart.
thank you, blueberry_fox:)

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