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A Guide to the Uratama!

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Because of the numerous topics popping up w/ people asking for guides to the Uratama, I've decided to create a careguide to it :huh: I'm going to try and base it as much as I can from Spiffy's Entama Guide (


What exactly is an Uratama?

The Uratama is a Japanese Tamagotchi, released on the 22nd of July in Japan only. It has almost the same features as the Enatama, but features a blue LCD screen, new characters, games, and new designs. The Uratama also connects to Photobooths in Japan.


How do I get started?

After removing the Uratama from the package, carefully pull the tab. An introduction image appears on the screen, then you'll sett the time, clock, birthday, ect. After that, an egg appears on the screen.

After 60 seconds, the egg will hatch. You will have one of 6 babies. Male or Female from either the Comedy, Gorgeous, or Passion. Each GUTS group detrmines the Character outcome.


Icon 1 - Health Meter

The first Icon on the Uratama, like all Tamagotchis - is the Health Meter. Here, you chck your Ura's status.


·First Screen - Hungry/Happy Meter. We all know what this is, don't we? :huh:


·Second Screen - GUTS Meter. Here, check your Ura's GUTS status. There are 3 GUTS groups. Each Group is represented

w/ an Icon. A hand for the Comedy Group, a star for the Goregous Group, and a flame for the Passion Group. Like I said before, the GUTS gruop your Ura is in determines the character outcome.


·Third Screen - Species, Preschool/School/Job and Job level (rating from 1 to 3 stars) and number of Gotchi points. The maximum amount of Gotchipoints seems to be 99,999 Gotchi Points


·Fourth Screen - Check your Ura's name, age, and weight here.


·Fifth Screen - Gender and Generation. That says it all, lol.


Icon 2 - Food

Like all Tamagotchis, the Uratama has a food icon. Here, choose from various meals or snacks (meals first option - snacks the second) and now cooking.

Cooking: To cook, retrive cooking items from Ura-Tamatown ( If they are of the same GUTS group (have the same icon in the upper right corner), you can mix them together.


Icon 3 - Toilet

Pretty Simple. When your Uratama makes a mess, select the Toilet Icon. OR if you see stink lines on your Uratama, select this fast. Your Tamagotchi will sit on the Toilet and do his buisness xD.


Icon 4 - Games

The Uratama features 3 new games. A Wack-a-Mole game, A Daimond Finding game, and a Chopping game.


·Wack-a-Mole Game- Move the fan around using buttons ( A ) and ( C ) to hit the moles and avoid the poop. To hit the mole, press button ( B ). Be careful, as the mole sometimes comes up again after you've hit it once! Increase Comedy Points.


·Daimond Finding Game- Much like the Card Game from the Entama. Scroll through one of four places(Chandeleir, Picture, Chair, or Table) using button ( A ) to scroll, and button ( B ) to select. You're trying to find the Daimond behind one of these places. This game increases your Ura's Gorgeous Points.


·Chopping Game - When you play the Chopping game, you're trying to get as much power as possible. See the Bar on the bottom? As soon as it is mostly or all shaded in, press button ( B ) fast! Increases Passion Points.


Icon 5 - Connection.

When you're new to the Uratama, they only option under this icon you'll need to worry about is the 5th option, PC connetion. The Uratama connects to the Ura-Tamatown.. When you select this option, you'll be given a 14-digit password. Enter the password at



Icon 6 - Mailbox.

On the Uratama, unlike most Tamagotchis, instead of a discapline icon, there is a post icon. Here, you check the mail. The first option is news?, the second is important mail?

Twice a day, a Nozotchi delivers the mail- When your Tamagotchi wakes up, and at 4:00 PM. Depending on what the mail said, your Uratama's mood can change.


Icon 7- Medicine

When your Tamagotchi is sick, select this icon. Remember, sometimes, your Ura might need a double dose of Medicine!


Icon 8- Items

Just like the Entama, all of your items you buy are stored here, along w/ items givien to you by your Nanny/Teacher.


Icon 9- Friends list

·First option- Friends. Here, look at all the Tamagotchis that your Ura has connected to.


·Second option- Family. Just like the Entama and v3, you can veiw the past generation on your Tamagotchi.


·Third option- Graveyard. Here, look at the Tamagotchis you had that went back to the Tamagotchi Planet.



Icon 10- Attention

When ever your Tamagotchi needs attention, it will beep and this icon will be highlighted.



·Sound- Like all Tamagotchis, by holding down buttons ( A ) and ( B ), you can turn on and off the sound. First option is on, second is off.



When your Uratama is a toddler, a Nanny will visit your Uratama 3 times a day. All you have to do is press button ( B ). The Nanny will play w/ your Uratama.

But when it becomes a teenager, it will get 1 out of 3 different teachers- one for each GUTS group. The teacher you get depends on the majority of your Ura's GUTS points. When these teachers visit, you play a game. The teacher hides a symbol unter one of three presents and you want to selct the right one. Guess it right, and you'll get 10 GUTS points.



After 24 hours of your Uratama becoming an Adult, it will graduate and get a job.


The Cart Master

Since there isn't a shop on the Uratama, you can purchse items from the Ura-Tamatown, but an Ojitchi Cart Master will come w/ an item that you can purchse on your Uratama, usally food. When he brings an item, press button ( B ). It will ask if you'd like to purchase the item. The first option is Yes, the second No.



You can find all the Uratama Characters at


I hoped this helped anyone new to the Uratama. Please post any comments/questions. Thanks! :huh:

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woah! Very well written CS!

Its nice and complete :furawatchi:

Thanks for posting it here, it would be really helpfull :mametchi:

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That is a really good guide Chocosilver. :furawatchi:



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Really nice guide, chocosilver. :lol: It looks like you put in a hard working hand to create this page. :D


Thank you,



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Yep, I don't have an Uratama, but that looks great!

Wonder why you are part of the Tama FAQ Team, LOL!



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Oh wow! That's a great guide CS! YOu did great! :(




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Great guide :(



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Thanks everyone for the wonderful comments! I'm very glad you appreciate this guide I've put together! :(

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Great guide, Chocosilver! My new Uratama should be arriving sometime soon, so this really helped me out getting to know it better. Thanks!

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If I may, I'd like to add a little info on the Special characters. :)


To get Hyottokotchi, you must first raise either a Ura-YoungMametchi or Kurakkatchi into UraMametchi. By the time he graduates, he must have at least 200-299 Humor GUTS points. His job must be a festival shop booth worker, and has to have 999 Humor GUTS points achieved within 3 days.

For Hanagatatchi, raise either a Ura-YoungMemetchi or Ura-YoungFurawatchi into a UraMemetchi. She must have 200-299 Gorgeous GUTS points by graduation. Her job must be an enka singer, and must have 999 Gorgeous GUTS points within 3 days.

And for Mukimukitchi, grow a Kometchi or Bokusatchi into UraKutchipatchi, have 200-299 Passion GUTS points by graduation, become an adventure, and have a total of 999 Passion GUTS points within 3 days.

If you achieve the required goals, your Tamagotchi should become the special character around 10-12 years old. :)


Character info should be on the first post in this thread. ;)

Job info:


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Can you purchase it on the internet if you don't live in japan? How much roughly is it in American Dollars and English Pounds?

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