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Tamagotchi V4 Guide

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Calling all V4 owners. (Or if you're getting one soon, perhaps..)


The Health Meter (Icon One)

The Health Meter is very important in the upbringing of your tamagotchi, so that you can care for it, check on it and see what your tamagotchi's stats are.


- The first page shows how hungry and happy your tamagotchi is. The more black hearts, the better. The first bar is the Hungry bar, the second bar displaying how happy your tama is. To find out how to raise these, see the Food Icon and the Games icon.


- The second page shows how well you've disciplined your tamagotchi. The aim of the Training bar is to let you see how your upbringing strategy is going, so you can change how you act towards your tamagotchi if neccesary. Good parenting is rewarded by Training bars. To see how to discipline your tamagotchi, see the Discipline icon.


- The third page shows your tamagotchi's life points; how intelligent, fashionable and kind s/he is. The more life points, the better job you end up with. The most points you can get for each subject is 99, the least is 0. Winning the teacher's mini game at school (See the Connect icon for more details) results in the Intelligence points getting higher.


- The fourth page of the Health Meter displays how old and how heavy your tamagotchi is. It also displays the name to gave your tamagotchi at the very begining of its life. It ages one year every human day, but pausing it via the clock (Set time) stops it ageing so much. The tamagotchi will gain weight every time it eats (see the Food icon) and will lose weight every times it plays a game. (See the Games icon)


- The fifth page shows your tamagotchi's generation and gender. It should say 'girl' or 'boy' underneath 'Gender', depending on which one it is. The Gen. number shows what number tamagotchi you have since you restarted your tamagotchi or it died. (If your tamagotchi has grandparents, but no great-grandparents, it's on Gen. 3.)


- The sixth page shows how many GP (gotchi-points) you tama has got. Playing games and working gives you more points, but donating them to the King or buying something from the shop takes away points.


- The seventh and final page of the Health Meter shows your username to TamaTown. This is the username you gave your tamagotchi at the very beginning, and the one it'll keep until it dies. (For more on TamaTown, see the Connect Icon)


The Food Icon (Icon Two)

The food icon shows all of the food you've bought and lets you choose which one to give to your tamagotchi.


- The Meal section shows four basic meals, along with all the meals you've bought in the shop with your GP. (See the Games icon) Each meal you eat fills one Hungry heart, on the Health Meter. Your tamagotchi also gains one lb (pound) every time it eats a meal.


- The Snack section shows four basic snacks, along with all the snacks you've bought in the shop with your GP. (See the Games icon) Each snack you eat fills one Happiness heart, on the Health Meter. Your tamagotchi also gains two lbs (pounds) every time it eats a snack.


The Toilet Icon (Icon Three)


- When your tamagotchi makes a mess use this icon to clean it up. Just press the B button when you've highlighted the Toilet icon and the mess is cleaned up.


- You can also use this icon when your tamagotchi needs toilet training and there are squiggly lines on either sides of your tamagotchi. Using the Toilet when this happens results in your tamagotchi gaining on Training bar.


The Games Icon (Icon Four)

This icon contains a massive amount of stuff, and it's most used in connection with GP and TamaTown.


- The Game section contains several games that you can play with your tamagotchi to earn money, raise happiness and to lose weight. For more info on Games, see this topic.


- The Item section shows you which items you've been given or bought on TamaTown/the shop. Some items can only be used once, and some can only be used by adult tamagotchis. Others, like the CD, have to have something else to work. (The CD has to have the Boom Box)


- The Shop section lets you buy items/food with your GP. It re-stocks every few hours. You can also enter codes to get free stuff. (But it costs money to get them more than once.)


1. BBCA CCCA= Pen= 15,000gp (Thank you Pinefir, Tama-Love and chocosilver)


2. ACAB ACAC= Steak= 1,400gp


3. BAAB ACBA= !! (clone)= 14,000gp


4. CCBA AABB= Honey (love potion)= 7,000gp


5. CAAA BACB= CD3= 0gp


~The last code you enter will not give you what the code is for! Instead, it will give you a RARE CELL PHONE. If you would still like to get the last item from the last code, you will have to re-enter the code and buy it. I recommend entering the code for "CD3" last because it is free!

(Thanks Kyliesmum, TamaTalk)


- The Password section enables you to put in passwords from TamaTown and other sources. The passwords are a mix of letters and numbers. Press the A button to change to the next letter/number, and press the B button when that certain letter/number is correct.


- The Souvinier section shows all your souviniers from TamaTown. Once you have a souvinier, enter the password in (see above) and you have your souvinier!


The Connection Icon (Icon Five)


- The Work section lets your tamagotchi go to school, work, or be looked after by the nanny, depending on it's age. At the school, you can pick one of the three boxes. If you pick the right one, you'll get more Intelligence points. If you pick on wrong box, you get some poop instead. The job your tamagotchi gets depends on how good it was treated before it turned into an adult. The job agency comes every day.


- The PC section gives you a code for TamaTown. (Click on V4) Enter in the code on your tamagotchi screen, and you will be allowed into TamaTown. (If not, check you've spelt it right) After you've got some points and presents, press the B button on your tamagotchi and click 'Log out' on TamaTown. Enter the code/s on the computer screen into your tamagotchi to come home and recieve your presents.


- The Jinsei section lets you connect with other V4s. Make sure both tamagotchis are V4s (if not, see Others) and they both have selected either Game, Present or Visit. Then press the red connection bits at the top of each tamagotchi together and they will meet!


- The Others section is nearly this same as the Jinsei section, but you use this if the tamagotchi you're connecting with isn't a V4, and you don't get to pick what activity you do.


The Discipline Icon (Icon Six)

If used at the right time, both discipline and praise can earn your tamagotchi one training bar.


- The Time Out section is for if your tamagotchi has called out for no reason, given a bad present or refuses to do something for no reason. Select the Time Out section to tell your tamagotchi off.


- The Praise section is for if your tamagotchi needs a pat on the back. (Esp. if s/he is crying)


The Medicine Icon (Icon Seven)


Use this icon if the Tooth or Skull icon is on your screen to make your tamagotchi better. May need a few doses.


The Mail Icon (Icon Eight)


- The Fortune section tells you what will happen to your tamagotchi's money, love and health. The more stars, the better!


- The Letter section shows a letter from someone else. You tamagotchi's fortune may affect what's in the letter.


- The [!] Info section shows important info like getting a job and going to school. You can also lose and gain money through this.


The Friendship Icon (Icon Nine)


- The Friends section shows all the tamagotchis your tamagotchi has met and how much s/he likes them. Max. 45.


- The Present section lets you choose an item to wrap and give to your tamagotchi friend. You can also get rid of it via the Present menu.


- The Points section lets you give points to the tamagotchi king. Select how much money you'd like to donate and see it be sent off. When you have donated certain amounts of GP, you will recieve a code. (It doesn't stay on your screen for long, so write it down quickly!)


- The Family section lets you see your past tamagotchis, and gives you their phone number. (You need a phone you to use this)


The Attention Icon (Icon Ten)


You can't select this icon! It lights up when your tamagotchi needs something or is misbehaving. (See the Descipline icon.)


Congrats! You now know the basics of your new tamagotchi V4! Enjoy! :rolleyes:

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