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    Paint on '90s Tamagotchi

    I had the gold one as well. Sadly they're just bad about wear. To slow the wear invest in a hard shell Tama case 👍
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    Rereleases: Exactly how many snacks?

    Why can't those of us who have remakes just track how many snacks we feed them, their evolution paths, and share that info along with the Rom version (shared as the quote from another thread in my initial post) and sleuth it out that way, red string on the conspiracy theory board style? I...
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    Can my angelgotchi be saved?

    I can't help suss out a lot of the issues, but the angel tamagotchi are known for being notoriously quiet.
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    Why are people trying to keep marrying my Tamagotchi?

    What kind of tamagotchi are you running? In many of the older connection era tamagotchi(and the japanese equivalents) the matchmaker would come to try and marry your tamagotchi so you can start a second generation. It'll stop after a while.
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    Rereleases: Exactly how many snacks?

    There seems to be discrepancies between the amount of snacks that's lethal to the re-releases. I'm trying to see what connections there might be regarding that, and figure out why there's such a range. Depending on what we can compile and look at, it has the potential to help everyone figure out...
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    Rereleases: Exactly how many snacks?

    Due to how no one's experiences seem to match up to the general rule of thumb, I decided to conduct an experiment! I'd appreciate it if anyone who wants to help could share these details with me- even if it's incomplete, if you have any concrete details, that might be able to help 💖 How to get...
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    Gen 1 Tamagotchi keeps dying?

    I was reading another thread and feeding it more than 3 snacks when it's a kid is apparently guaranteed death. 👀 I meant I was more enticed to try testing things out myself, pull out an excel chart and such ya know? (^~^; )ゞ
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    Gen 1 Tamagotchi keeps dying?

    Hmmm, now I want to science. Just how many snacks and at what stages is OK? How many sicknesses? I have a P2 and it seemed nowhere near as harsh as the P1- but it could be because of the awful game, I was less inclined to play games with it. 🤔
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    My Tamagotchi Connection V4 Shuts Down In Seconds!

    I have several tamagotchi from 1998 and they work perfectly. They're fine despite being 24 years old. Age is not a reason for a Tamagotchi to break. Heck, a Tamagotchi has the potential to work for 100 years from manufacture, with a bit of tending, such as replacing the capacitors and replacing...
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    Kakeibo Pages Scan

    I'm trying to track down scans of the kakeibo account book's pages. I can't find them anywhere(my Google skills may just be lacking) and while I did find a thread on here with what appeared to once have been scans of the instruction manual, the links are all dead. If anyone has scans of the...
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    Ketai akai buttons

    I have a ds with a messed up button. If you want to take apart a stuck vpet consider an electronic screwdriver, or even a mobile phone repair place and tell them the screws are stuck. They're skilled at removing tiny screws, so they may be your best bet. That said, is it a very very faint beep...
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    New to tamatalk

    Oooh, good to know! Now I'm really looking forward to playing with the X! Hmmm, of the digimon I've played, the dm20th is my current fave, but I've only played with my Digivice V and DM20th. I haven't had a chance to pull out the digimon X or pendulum nightmare soldiers yet, so that could be...
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    Ketai akai buttons

    I have a ketai! Just like the connections, the clear plastic cover to the screen can be easily removed, so polish up those scratches to your heart's content!
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    New to tamatalk

    Heyo! 30 is only a few months away for me! I've been getting into the digimon devices lately; which was your favorite back in the day?
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    How to hack tamagotchi?

    There's a fairly large community of people who do these sorts of things with tamagotchi! Mr. Blinky is an excellent resource, he's active on twitter and ko-fi