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    Hi I'm new to the forum

    To be honest I haven't had time to start it yet but I plan on starting it this Sunday:)
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    Hi I'm new to the forum

    I've heard they're difficult but that's kind of what's appealing to me . Plus I think the gimmicks it has are really neat but I most likely won't start it until I have more time on my hands. Glad to meet a fellow Digimon fan who likes tamas. What gen did you start watching the show in? I started...
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    Hi I'm new to the forum

    Hi I just found this and thought I'd join I started out with an original Tamagotchi but I have since lost it and just started getting in to them again after playing with the digimon v pets. I hope to meet some people in this community and learn about some of the older tamas that I missed out on...