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    tamagotchi keitai cellphone connection?

    that phone is so adorable!! can't get over the design
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    tamagotchi keitai cellphone connection?

    oh yes, there were many features ahead of their time introduced to the mobile phone market in japan. it's a shame it was completely overlooked by the rest of the world. that's why the phenomenon is compared to the galapagos island syndrome now.
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    tamagotchi keitai cellphone connection?

    this is an interesting point, i'd be curious to find out how this functions as well. on a side note, i miss the flip phone era of keitai culture..
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    what have you got in the mail today *continued* <3

    nice catch! that's my favourite shell from both magical and fairy-tale series. i'm actually waiting on the same to arrive through mail.
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    What game are you currently playing?

    couple of weeks ago i began a new save file on smt: soul hackers but i took a break due to overwhelming amounts of grinding, now i'm just playing some blue reflection. i am enjoying it much more than i had initially anticipated! love mahou shoujo combat
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    Tamagotchi Pix Party (2022)

    I ordered the confetti variation! Looking forward to it
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    Tamagotchi Doodle Requests (OPEN)

    hm, how about moriritchi spinning some vinyl on DJ turntables using her ears when she wears them down? thought of that on the spot
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    I'm finally here!

    Hello! It's never too late. I hope you enjoy your stay here.
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    What are you listening to now?

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    Are ON's and Meets really worth $200

    I bought a Wonder Garden when it was released, I wasn't expecting the price to skyrocket around 200-300 USD especially since I recall the initial negative backlash. Everyone described it as a subpar Fantasy Meets and it seemed to be generally unpopular among the enthusiasts. Since the last...
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    what have you got in the mail today *continued* <3

    Fantasy meets ver. and White P's with Sanrio Deco Pierce! Excited to run both.
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    Ciao from Bigotao🥰

    romantic dinner with tamagotchi!
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    prototype tamagotchi sprites found in sengoku turb F.I.D

    it's wonderful that we're still piecing together history from the early days of tamagotchi (tentatively), i was familiar with the team/figures behind sengoku turb including yoko kuroyanagi but i never read too much in depth about the matter. extracting the sprites through a relatively niche...
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    Should I get the Tama Smart? (and also where)

    Hello! The mechanics behind the Tamagotchi Smart are basic enough where a grasp on Japanese isn't necessary to understand how to play with it. It might take some time to get adjusted to each button's function/the touchscreen though. But usually it clicks quickly. I personally get all new...