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I really like screaming....<br><br>..I am reallie into the Japanese band call W-inds..they are so..*stares at offical website*....where are we again? Right..I meant they are reallieee HOT..<br>Did I mention they are HOT?<br><br>I&#39;m kind of losing intrest of Tamagotchi. If you don&#39;t find me here as often...I doing something else...(staring at w-inds music viedos...or playing Sims 2)<br><br>I am trying to be a guide...which I know...would NEVER happen to moi..<br><br>Doggies are a BIG part of my life..and if even one species extinct..I&#39;ll go nuts.<br><br>W-inds dances really good. They started when they were like 17, and now they are about 22. There&#39;s three members..Go to this website:<br><br>Keita&#33; Why do you have to go solo?? Good thing you are not disbanding&#33;<br><br>I have been a loyal fan since 2004 and still is..the only problem is that I can not understand Japanese or buy there CDs because they are about 1,000-1,500 YEN. NOT USD, YEN..and my brother told me thats around &#036;30. THEY HAVE A NEW SINGLE&#33;&#33; AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH<br><br>I know I am very obessed....but deal with it...I am REALLY crazy about them<br><br>I am really glad TamaTalk moved to another server. Thanks Admin&#33; I know you are doing this for the sake of the TamaTalk Members&#33;&#33;&#33;<br><br>I really hate the Tama v3 like....<br>Tama-Tama-Tamagotch&#33; Yes..I have a V3<br><br>This is the end..well ByeBye..<br>----------------------------------------------------------------------<br>~Mandy™
Aug 30, 1995 (Age: 28)
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