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  1. jeanisabean

    Need some hardware help on my V5 tama

    Thanks for the tips!:angry: I have already changed into new batteries when i filmed the glitch so it definitely not battery related. Will give the cleaning a try first and see if it works.
  2. jeanisabean

    Need some hardware help on my V5 tama

    I recently revived my v5 tamagotchi and noticed that my screen gets all glitchy after a while. Will anybody be able to advise how to fix this? My guess is that the screen is not working? cos seems like the system is still running.
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    Hello! Newbie here.

    Hey there! I recently revived my old v5 tamagotchi and recently got myself falling into a tamagotchi rabbit hole. Lol! I have issues with the hardware and need help from you guys on figuring out how to fix it. Will be posting in the relevant thread soon for help! In the meantime, it is very...