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  1. Joc

    How do I kill my tamagotchi? (Tamagotchi ON)

    Why kill her? Just let her marry. The iOS/Android app is the quickest way, it’s still available until the end of this month.
  2. Joc

    tamagotchi pix rechargeable battery problems?

    Are they NiMH batteries? You shouldn’t use any other type of rechargeable battery.
  3. Joc

    wondering if u can connect w the tamagotchis of online friends

    You and your friend should buy a Tamagotchi Pix, these connect via QR-codes that you can send to each other. Do not buy a Tamagotchi On, the server for the online features of the Tamagotchi On will be shut down in a couple months. The Pix does not rely on a server.
  4. Joc

    US Tamagotchi ON App shutting down in August

    Maybe we can make a replacement app.
  5. Joc

    Rechargable Batteries

    The type is important (NiMH), using a different type results in glitches. But another brand you trust that makes the same type of rechargeable battery is probably fine.
  6. Joc

    Won’t let me feed my tamagotchi

    What Tamagotchi game do you have?
  7. Joc

    So, can the tamagotchi on connect to a computer?

    You cannot use that unofficial Windows app to marry with other people’s Tamagotchi’s, you can only create a fake character to marry. You don’t need the app to marry, you can encounter characters to marry in On itself by traveling with the boat icon.
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    Tamagotchi Pix Party (2022)

    Hope this one will have better availability in Europe!
  9. Joc

    What type is this one?

    I have the same one! Unfortunately, the keychain with Ichigotchi fell off. You can still access the Earth Expo part of the game at if you can get Flash Player working.
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    Tamagotchi Friends Dream Town - I'm stuck

    Correct. I only ever filled the heart to slightly less than half, because my friend stopped playing the game.
  11. Joc

    Tamagotchi Friends Dream Town - I'm stuck

    By connecting with someone else.
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    Mod Break

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    Changing your TamaTalk username?

    You can message “Admin” about it.
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    Mod Break

    18 😇
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    Tamagotchi Pix

    As this is an English exclusive and the resolution is high enough, I wonder if it will finally have a lowercase font instead of all text being in caps again.