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    "Dinky Dino"-- fake? It won't be silent.

    Hello! I'm sorry, but I think that's a fake one. The Dinkie Dino (the original) has a different packaging, as you mentioned the ESC and Enter is switched, also the colour of the red is off.To be honest even the shape is a little different and the dino paint on the front. Maybe you could message...
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    Power Palz Dino?

    I have the Power Palz frog. It evolves a few times, but if you dont marry him/her, then it will die in less than a week. (It will get old and wrinkly then die.) The animations aren't great in my opinion. I also noticed my frog only made a mess and got hunger, but didn't need to train, play with...
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    Experiences with and opinions on the Baby T-Rex?

    Hi! The T-Rex's programming is similar to the Nanos. You can give him snack when he needs it (but only then!). I kept it live for quite some time, it chased a van or a car not a mouse when it evolved :D If you discipline it, play with it immeadiately. Keep his food points up all the time (I...
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    Cat themed virtual pets?

    My Kitten with a black cat? Thanks! I found a few others meanwhile: miuchiz pawz Spike nyanchi (visco) pocket love Wagamamaholder Myar (Jaleco) KIRARIN REVOLUTION KIRATOKO BTW. Anyone knows where could I get a Bandai Happy pet (Wrist wanko or whatever it's called, and of course the cat, not...
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    Cat themed virtual pets?

    Hello! Thanks! Is it similar to the Nano Kitty or am I just confusing it with another one?
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    Cat themed virtual pets?

    I saw that one before, that's basically the Power Palz just the EU version, called Ani-Bip. I will probably buy that some day. :)
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    Cat themed virtual pets?

    Thanks, but I meant the handheld little pet machines, not the online ones.
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    Cat themed virtual pets?

    Hello! Thanks I will check it out. Other recommendations? Anyone?
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    Reccomend me a dino-pet

    Hello! I guess you've already heard about the Dinkie Dino and Giga Pets Jurassic Park Baby T-Rex. They evolve, but I don't think you can name them, but still very cute v-pets. I think these are the best dinos out there, but it's just a personal opinion.
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    Cat themed virtual pets?

    Hello! I'm a cat lover and looking for V-Pets where you can care for a cat. (NO multipets please like Super Gyaoppi). I did a little research and so far I found these: Nano kitty Giga Pets Compu Kitty Bitty Kitty (KFC) Vmigo cat Q-Pet cat Anipalz Cat (Nyanpod) Anipalz World cat (Yuruppy) MGA...
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    Ministry Of Chaos Poomki Pal? Anyone have one?

    By the way, I'm talking about this: Maybe it's familiar to someone, I would like to get a review on it, I couldn't find anything on the internet. Thanks!
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    Ministry Of Chaos Poomki Pal? Anyone have one?

    Hello! Does someone have this Poomki Pal virtual pet by any chance? What is it like? Any good? Does it evolve? What kind of animals does it have and features? Thanks!
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    Identify These Pets?

    Here's what I figured out from left to right: First 2: Little Mermaid (Disney) NOT Tiger Giga Pet, then Toys Story (Disney), Tiger Giga Pets 101 Dalmatian, Dino watch pet (has many names, brand like Zeon, Mini Pets, Virtual reality), then Tamagotchi Angel (or Angelgotch), Tamagotchi P1 or P2...
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    Does anyone know what virtual pet is this? Help please!

    UPDATE: Yesterday I saw a video about the Super Gyaoppi, and the dog in it reminds me a LOT of this Virtual Pet. But I'm pretty sure my old one had only the dog. I checked out the Super Gyaoppi's growth chart, and now I'm sure it had the Gyaoppi's dog programming in it, or something very very...
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    16 in 1 Pets Park and Anipalz Cat anyone? Help!

    Aaaw! It's so cute! And there's a lot of things you can do with it. I might actually get the cat one, even if it's boring after a while, the animations are adorable and very unique. Thank you so much for the manual, you helped a lot!