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    Weirdest Sandwhich Combination

    When I was little we ran out of penut butter and I really wanted pb&j, so I took some penuts and butter and mooshed them up and put them on a sanwich and ugh, not delicious. Oh, and there's also 'Fluffer-Nutter sanwiches', which is a marshmallow cream and penut butter sanwich. Somehow...
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    favorite movies

    I looooooooooveeeddddd this movie. My favorite movie is probably The Science of Sleep.
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    I have a 16 gig 4th generation nano in silver. I needed extra room (my old ipod that was only 4 gigs) cause lately i've been getting new music like crazy and i dont like deleting old music, even from my early middle school days, cause i feel like im just deleting my childhood or something. But...
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    watz better BAGELS! or HOT-DOGZ?

    Ingredients!! Bagels: enriched bleached flour,wheat flour, malted barley flour, niacin, ferrous sulfate, thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid, water, high fructose corn syrup, salt, yeast, molasses, malt, vegetable shortening Hot Dogs: ummm.... :^| Yeah, I like bagels
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    Ughh mcdonalds is stupid...

    Mcdonalds makes me sickkk. But yeah, I go to various fast food chains every day of the week because my dad can't cook and my mom is always too busy to cook and my parents never really changed their diet since college. I'm so disgusted with fast food that whenever I switch from making my own...
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    I have 2 huge fears: 1. roaches. Just thinking about them makes me tense up a little. Even dead roaches freak me out. There's not really a reason why they freak me out so much, either(I was never like attacked by one or something when I was younger). 2. Serial killers. That's a pretty...
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    Back... sort of..

    Heyyy I like to come back to TT every once in a while to see what's changed and what hasnt and stuff cause I probably won't ever leave this website (actually, the thought of me in an office or something 10 years from now at work sneaking on tamatalk when the boss isnt looking is kind of...
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    Wat do ppl think of.....

    Hmm lets see... 1. My Best Friends who truly know me see me as friendly, impulsive, funny, and cute :]] 2. My so-called Friends (who are obsessed with drugs but dont actually use them) think im high or something all the time and kind of laugh at me whenever i say something, and never take any...
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    Youtube videos

    // this video cracks me up cause he's so emotional over a bad dream, a tack, and an owl
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    Are you related to a Famous/Infamous person?

    So lately I've been interested in my family and where I come from and stuff, and I found out Erwin Rommel is my great-great-great uncle (my g-g-great aunt married him), and my great grandfather told me I'm somehow related to President Obama (though I don't really believe that one lol). Does...
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    What Did You Buy Recently?

    I either bought some rock candy or a sanwich a few days ago...
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    Anyone Else Play The Guitar?

    I've been playing for a couple months. I can play barre chords, arpeggios, scales, fingerpick to an extent, power chords and bass notes, and a couple scales. :^D yay
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    lol i've seen that pic before!!
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    How Long Have You Been Here? :)

    I've been here for a couple years... whenever long the "joined: " thing says. hehe.
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    Social Anixety

    I'm shy around people i'm uncomfortable with. It helps me to think that nobody is perfect and being shy around people you're not great friends with is normal.