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    What accessories do you put on your Tama case?

    cute patterned lanyard! (melodytchi on it, so cute) and when i go out i attach my pusheen plush chain that has my car keys on it
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    What's your holy grail tama?

    the 15th anni id l  the id station also the english vers of the id l would be a dream to have..
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    Do you remember your first tama?

    tama-go in green with a mametchi figure on top :D i miss tamatown so much...
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    Help with buying a Tama

    Thank you very much :)
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    Help with buying a Tama

    Hi, sorry if this isn't the right place to post this. It has been a while since I've been on here. I want to get back into playing with tamas and I have read about all the different kinds and I think I want to invest in a P. I've noticed they're kind of on the pricey side.. Is this to be...
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    Rate the animal above.

    Umm? 2/10 Pusheen The Cat!
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    TamaTalkers you want to meet In Real Life

    well im thingking how bout teri :)
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    Steal the bacon! (Game)

    i steal the bacon and replace it with pizza! :kuribotchi:
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    First Word That Comes to Mind

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    Tamagotchi VIBE - concept mockup

    I really LOVE this idea it looks like you put a lot of work in it i like the idea that you can use it on facebook i wish it was real i want a english color tamagotchi and the colors are awesome! I like how the price is mabe you should ask to work for bandai and tell them to make it!
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    Doomsday....for tamagotchis?

    I totally agree!
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    Is this the End?

    NOOOOO! It cant be the end already tamas have served us for ummm... FOREVER! I really hope so!
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    i want to know too!
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    Who is your favorite tamagotchi?

    Im putting in a few choices! Melodytchi Chamametchi Kuromametchi Dazzilitchi Mametchi Kuchipatchi Makiko Androtchi Thats all for right now! :kuribotchi: