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    Farewell, TamaTalkers!

    Thanks for making such a wonderful place for tamagotchi fans all over the globe! I joined in around here back when I found my old tamagotchi during high school. I'm a college graduate now and I still love tamas! I'm not as active as I used to be, but I always remember your icon lol. Thanks...
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    Glow in dark tape for background?

    I actually made glow in the dark tape background for my v4 way back in the day! It worked ok, but since it had to be dark to see it anyway, it was still difficult to see haha. My glow tape also wasn't very powerful and didn't keep its glow for very long, probably due to age. But with some nice...
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    Mod Break

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    How do You display Your collection?

    That's absolutely adorable!! I might have to follow your lead there with my black and white tamas! As or me, I tend to display the ones I'm currently running in cradles or cushions I've made.
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    Same sex tama marriages

    I'd love to see the the sexes removed from tamas! They didn't used to have them, and I thought it added charm. I always thought of the different tamas as like "species" I suppose? Kind of like how the pokemon, Gardevoir, could be male or female regardless of how feminine the "species" (breed??)...
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    What game are you currently playing?

    I've been playing Digimon World Dusk and Okami (switch version)!! Dusk is one of my favorite games of all time so I'm happy to be playing it again  :D As for Okami, I'm really enjoying it too! Not what I was expecting, as I've never played the original, but I'm really loving it too ~ Miau :wub:
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    Getting back into virtual pets!

    Welcome back! I'm sure your collection back home misses you! :D For now though, if you're looking something that came after the v5, one of my favorites from the connections series is the Music Star! You raise your tama to be a music star! There are trophies to collect and I think the games are...
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    Thoughts of others around you about Tamagotchi?

    I personally think it might be Bandai's attempt to revive the following they had here in the west. I have seen some parents introducing their kids to them though! I'm praying it isn't just a nostalgia cash grab, but I think we're past that after the minis. To my understanding, the re-releases...
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    Thoughts of others around you about Tamagotchi?

    Most of the responses I get are something along the lines of "Whoa Cool! I used to have one of those!" as if they're some old relic; but when I break out the newer color models their minds are absolutely BLOWN lol. I once got someone browsing through ebay after an encounter. Of course, there's...
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    Tamagotchi and mental health

    Thanks so much for posting this!! I've struggled with mental health issues for the majority of my life, namely depression, anxiety, and OCD; and Tamagotchis and other vpets have always been there for me. :D I'm often too anxious to talk to new people, and when I was little they acted like a...
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    "Elf" pet on Aliexpress?

    It's definitely one of the better odd pets. I enjoyed it and they were pretty popular on facebook groups for good while supposedly (though I don't have a facebook so don't quote me on that haha) ~ Miau :wub:
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    My Meebas Review

    This will be the final part of the review, I probably should have done all of it in one post, but live and learn i suppose I'll be covering the rest of the games now 3rd Evolution game: Flower Snacks Feed your meeba some flowers! Scroll up and down the tube to find them. Press the middle...
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    Just got tama mix, first baby ugly.

    The first tamagotchi you hatch is set, you can get either tamapatchi or tamabotchi depending on if its male or female. What the adults look like is what really matters in the end. Try taking a look at this growth chart...
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    Welcome!! It's always nice to see new members. I hope you have fun here with all of us!! ~ Miau :wub:
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    I'm Back!

    welcome back!! Hope you have just as much fun!! ~ Miau :wub: