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    have u ever lost ur tamagotchi?

    As a youth I lost my Nano Kitty, my first virtual pet. It was missing for months until my mom found it in the washing machine...clipped to a pocket of my denim overalls. RIP. More recently I have been misplacing Smarts in my apartment. The moment I take them off the wristband they go to...
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    Stop making people who post on classifieds mad....

    Is it not possible to lock or delete this particular forum area?
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    Tamagotchi Monster

    Oh my goodness! I ran the apk on whatever OS was running on a Galaxy S9 in 2019...can't speak to whether it works on the current OS as I switched phones last year after an underwater photography incident. I do recall there being the warning that the app was designed for an older OS the first...
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    anyone know about this book?

    I own this book and its sequel! It was published in September 1997 and features 80 types of digital pets split by category (American, Dinosaur, Bird, Dog/Cat, Other). So, we're talking peak boom here. Each profile features a rundown of each care icon, a look at a few of the sprites, and the...
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    Resin shell for V4,V4.5,V5 & 20TH anniversery version

    With resin, to get the ratios right, the proper way to measure it is not with a measuring cup - use a scale to measure weight instead. Also make sure it's mixed completely before pouring.
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    Tamagotchi Pix Jobs Guide

    Oh my gosh! This explains why I only ever see the cooking room!! Thank you so much for the explanation!
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    Mini Group Hatch July 1st

    Maximus is finally at peace. RIP little buddy...
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    P1 vs P2, which is better?

    As much as I love Masktchi, P2 is my fave overall. I like the game and the characters so much! I also like the funky swirls and stars screen design.
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    Mini Group Hatch July 1st

    Maximus, how are you still here?! I are in there, right?
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    Mini Group Hatch July 1st

    You're either much kinder or more brutal than I am, because Maximus and I are doing this the old-fashioned way...
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    Tamagotchi Pix Party (2022)

    Looks like basically the same character lineup as last time except Weeptchi and Awamokotchi have been swapped for Milktchi and Wawatchi. (Was hoping they'd ditch Shimagurutchi this time-darn!) Giving the instruction manual a quick scan, aside from a few new items the big new addition is Party...
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    Mini Group Hatch July 1st

    It's a pact I'm willing to make :tarakotchi:
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    Mini Group Hatch July 1st

    Sorry, I think that was my influence! I slept most of today and barely did anything for Maximus, so he turned into Nyorotchi, too. Again, Twinsies! Also, he is on a big fat ball chain necklace. He makes a great accessory! what? Do we get another shot at trying to raise someone...
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    Mini Group Hatch July 1st

    Twinsies! Meet Maximus, my Chibi Tamagotchi. Hopefully I won't forget about him...
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    I returned

    Happy belated birthday and welcome back!