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    Zuccitchi loves to get scolded LOL

    The fact that he's still calling for discipline means you have a shot at Zatchi, I think! Has he called 10 times?
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    Tamagotchi 5.5 in the washing machine.... Isopropyl alcohol is a very correct answer! Take the toy apart, clean it, let it dry, then try to put new batteries in it. Most importantly, STAY CALM! Act quick; best of luck!
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    Tamagotchi P1/P2 Evolution Guide

    I was thinking about this topic and was curious if you found anything about maximum lifespans? (I want to know if my Pochitchi kicked it because it was his time or if I was once again a bad owner.)
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    uni never pauses?

    Does a real dog or cat have a pause button? Tamagotchi is meant to be a pet, not a game, so nine times out of ten there won't be a pause function built in. Luckily the Uni is pretty hardy! (Hope you're feeling better!)
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    just a question

    I'm very sorry to be the one to tell you, but your 10-year-old Tamagotchi is gone. The fact that he laid an egg before departing means you gave him a nice full life! Press A & C together to hatch the egg he left you.
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    Tamagotchi Uni Glitch/Secret

    Time to get rich and then update the system...
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    Tamagotchi Uni Glitch/Secret

    I'm okay with this compromise ;)
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    Tamagotchi Uni Glitch/Secret

    No, don't fix it! I want to keep rolling in Gotchi points for very little effort. Food and items are expensive!
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    What are the 5 levels of friendship on the Pix?

    ....and how many cavities? Haha
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    Tamagotchi Goals

    The Devilgotchi is a slog (takes over a week to grow into an adult, goes off randomly at night) but it's good fun. Personally my favorite classic variant! I was very lucky to pick mine up used in 2020 before the 25th Anniversary sparked a huge Tama revival over here in Japan! On the other hand...
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    Tamagotchi Goals

    You've got some great goals! Also, the Angelgotchi is extremely easy to care for :) So don't feel like you have to have certain achievements before raising one! One of these days I'd like to succeed in raising a Mametchi or Mimitchi on a classic device...I've never pulled it off. I also want...
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    Magical Witches: Lost Content & Forgotten Lore

    Fun fact: Kenji Watanabe drew all the original Tamagotchi art too!
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    Magical Witches: Lost Content & Forgotten Lore

    Have you seen Gotchi Garden's page on Magical Witches? There's some good information there.
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    what have you got in the mail today *continued* <3

    Oh my gosh! The Tama-Go got an APAC release in multilingual packaging?! This is wild! Congratulations!!
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    Surprise Tama PIX! :D

    I like your dad :) Sorry to hear about about Peep, but I'm glad you've got a new friend!