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    A Dear Diary

    Hello there. Comments are okay, yes?? Your Magic On is gorgeous and the twins are super adorable, even with puffy cloud hair. <3 ~Phnx
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    Need help differentiating Tamagotchis

    Has it arrived yet? (I found it on the actual site) I wanna know if it's in japanese now. o.o ~Phnx
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    Need help differentiating Tamagotchis

    Okay. I am only recently coming back to the forums, but... I want to offer my little insight. I do not think that was one of the first v4.5 release designs... Looked online in a few places and the people I have seen with logs about this design say it was v4 and logged onto v4 Tamatown. I am...
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    What Version is this Tamagotchi?

    I am going to final guess that it is a Version 2, Milky Blue as the others have posted. The only real question at this point is whether you have ordered a Japanese or English verison. The number order in the picture looks closer to 10/13 than 15/12... (There is a slight glare so I honestly...
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    ~NEW Tama Chronicles:: Phnx0313~

    And I return... Again. Hello TamaTalk Family... I have returned again. My last entry here was followed by shame and sadness. I did not want to tell you all, but I accidentally let poor little Getsu pass away. To read the story of my little Ninja's Demise... See &gt;&gt; BLEEP POST &lt;&lt...
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    Music Star not evolving?

    The first and always most important question... Have you paused your tama at any point in time since the new toddler was born? ~Phnx
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    What's so great about Vintage Tamas?

    Those poll choices are quite limited. (I skipped the poll) I like my vintages and do not see a problem with them. My only issue with vintage tama is that I have weird sleeping habits and prefer time changing over pauses. I know vintage tama can be paused in a sense, but those 4 hrs over the...
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    Rep Point Notification

    Before this reaches the 3 month NecroThread limit, I just wanted to check in and see if Admin has any new information on a Notification system for Rep Points as I have not heard or seen anything yet. ~Phnx
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    ~NEW Tama Chronicles:: Phnx0313~

    Update... Update... Update! If you wish to view Today's Full Entry... visit my Blog:: The*Bleeping*Egg Ahh, the 2nd was SOOO hectic. However, I have a new scale and should hopefully be getting a little money. Thus... I am Happy! The movie Purple Rain was on a few hours ago. Mom and I...
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    Pausing Tamagotchi+Color

    (Just in case you end up wondering HOW to get to the Clock Set Screen) After pushing the Middle B button to cycle through the 3 screens. 1.) Inside the House 2.) Outside the house 3.) Clock Screen On the Clock Screen push A + C buttons at the same time. Number should start blinking... This...
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    ~NEW Tama Chronicles:: Phnx0313~

    Am I a Tama Talk Ghost, now? o.o May 1st was my last Tama Talk entry... After that things kind of went all unstable. -_____-;; You can read about the events since then in these Two Bleep Entries below if you wish. JULY 11 2011:: &gt;&gt; I wish Time could Stop &lt;&lt; TODAY:: &gt;&gt; Am...
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    Mobile angeltama evolution

    I have the Mobile TamaAngel app... As long as you have at least 3 Deed points, you should not get Takoten. When my Deed points were 0 I usually ended up with Takoten. The best way to avoid this problem is to not let the bat steal the starting points... Or keep the app open 3 - 6 hours and...
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    MY V6 family stayed...

    Stop pausing. Should fix the problem. ~Phnx
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    Where can i buy a japanese v5?

    Sad to say you probably are not going to be able to get a Japanese v5 for under 20$ unless you find a private seller in a money pinch. I got mine from someone on another Tamagotchi Site for 7$ in great condition. It was a very lucky find and I ended up buying around 10+ Tama from them in order...
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    2 waves of music star?

    Not completely sure, but I think Feel the Beat might be a Wave 1. To try and help with the "Glitch Fear"... I went through this same question after purchasing my first v6 Star. I now own both a "Wave 1" and "Wave 2" both with strange features. My Glam Rock Wave 1 has the reverse (Day/Month)...