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    Can't Believe I'm Back Here: a Tama Log :)

    It’s been a while but I’m back. I’ve been out of the tama game for a long time now. My obsession was at its peak around 2016-2018 and I gradually lost steam due to multiple reasons including crippling depression in grad school and an addiction to League of Legends. I’ve raised a couple of tamas...
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    What game are you currently playing?

    Just been playing way too much League of Legends :3
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    Any musicians?

    Are you a Nightwish fan?! I play Nightwish songs on flute all the time. Angels Fall First is my favorite to play.
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    Guess how the person above you looks like

    Oooh I like this. I picture you to have long dark hair and dark eyes. Not tall, but not too short. You seem like a pretty person so I imagine you are rather attractive. Maybe olive skin, not super pale.
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    A New Beginning

    Thank you! I'm glad you like it. I'm always happy to meet tama friends so it's cool that you live close!
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    A New Beginning

    Wow it's been a while! Oops.... I'm not the greatest with keeping up with this like I used to. A lot of the reason is probably due to my really bad addiction to League of Legends right now...I've been playing way too much. The season started over a few days ago and I was placed back in Bronze...
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    Weird happenings with tamagotchi p1

    It is possible to get unhealthy characters from Tamatchi if you take bad care. How high was your discipline? Did you let the hearts empty out a lot? I've gotten Tarakotchi from Tamatchi before by taking bad care.
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    Any Tamas you waiting for?

    Waiting on a couple of Tamagotchi Plus (Japanese V1) from JYW! Haven't bought a connection in forever and I really like the V1 and both of these designs. The V1 was my first tamagotchi :)
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    Is the Shuku 20 Shunen Tamagotchi worthwhile?

    Glad it was helpful :) I'm really enjoying mine!
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    Is the Shuku 20 Shunen Tamagotchi worthwhile?

    Hi. I've talked about them a lot in my log, so you could check that out if you're interested. The link is in my sig. The past couple of posts have discussed them. I went over the differences between them and the originals. Hope this helps :)
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    Return to Tama log

    Enjoying the log :) love to see other adults playing with tamas....I'm 22 so I know it's not the most common thing haha. It's also really cool that you write, especially horror! I'm reading Lovecraft's short stories right now. Love a good horror story. I hope you continue to enjoy your...
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    A New Beginning

    Guess who still hasn't started that paper?...... ;) Had a fun day with Jared! We went to one of my favorite Chinese restaurants. It's called the Golden Dragon buffet. I always eat so much there. My favorite is the hot and spicy chicken and the black pepper chicken. So good. Of course I...
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    A New Beginning

    Just a little update. I have a paper due on the 7th and I haven't started working on it. What better way to procrastinate than to write? :lol: My tamas are all very happy and healthy. The new "no snacks" rule really does wonders for their physique. All super slim and looking good. It's...
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    A New Beginning

    *ATTENTION: ALL OF THE PHOTOS ON MY LOG CAN NOW BE VIEWED BY DOWNLOADING A CHROME EXTENSION - google photobucket broken links fix chrome and click the first result. Downloading this fixes all of the broken pictures!* Hello everyone! My break from school has been so nice. I've slept a lot...
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    Another question about lifespan

    Each character has a set life span. But it can die early if not well cared for. Without pausing, the longest one can live is 22/23 depending in when you hatched it. This is Mametchi/Mimitchi the healthiest characters. The more unhealthy the character, the shorter the life. Tarakotchi and...