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    Do they still sell Mutsus (besides EBAY)

    Oh well i dont know then maybe if you search goole fot them and see what website's come up?. Ashleigh & Aimee
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    Tama piccy!

    its sooo cool! WERES BROWSSe!
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    favorite v4 characters

    What do u think guys look at me
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    I am Ringotchi-fan603

    Thanks i would LOVE to be friemnds with you hey why dont YOU! Pm me lolxie!
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    Do you like Ringotchi?.

    But it IS in whats in ur mind and its in my mind lol and im glad to see that alot of you like Ringotchi
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    Its my 10th birthday today

    Nice and i dont know if it celerbrates i havent exactly "Opened" it yet lol
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    Ohh wow....

    I only joined today about 30 mins ago i dont have meany posts haha. Ashleigh & Aimee.
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    Its my 10th birthday today

    Thnakyou i love my new Angel!. Ashleigh & Aimee.
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    New V4 Commercial!

    Yea its on CITV too its good its really fast though isnt it haha go JinSei Ashleigh & Aimee.
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    Its my 10th birthday today

    Yay its my birthday today and i got a new Tamagotchi Angel yay!. Ashleigh & Aimee.
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    No there not there really fun you probaly just didnt have a very good battery. Ashleigh & Aimee.
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    Do you like Ringotchi?.

    I think there the coolset character ever what do you think?. Ashleigh & Aimee.
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    Blinkie Poll

    There not dumb i have one and i find them really fun theres nothing wrong with them at all i have a greeen one with purple hair its called Maxi. Ashleigh & Aimee.
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    Do they still sell Mutsus (besides EBAY)

    She just said besides eBay well i couldent really say try Amazon im not sure though just try it!.I hope its right!. Ashleigh & Aimee.
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    frend problems

    Well i couldent say she could or she couldent is she usually a liar?. Ashleigh & Aimee.