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    I have a boyfriend. On April 2 it will be 6 months since we started going out.
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    I'm in seventh grade and I have a boyfriend. On March 5th it will be 5 months. Most middle school realtionships don't last long, but if you meet a great guy, than you will be surprised! Just take your time and enjoy life single. I didn't think I would have a boyfriend until I was 15, but look...
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    Your Favourite Taste?

    In order 1.Sweet 2. Sour 3. Spicy 4. Salty I am a fan of the spicyness though! I was dared to eat a whole pepperchini once, I did it. It was good.
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    Selena Gomez..or..Miley Cyrus?

    Your username gives it away. :) Selena rocks, although Miley's voice is better. Remember if they dress weird on shows it's just their character. I think Selena's clothes rock man!
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    little kids cussing

    Oh yeah!! Lotsa language coming out of little kids mouths. My little bro is always saying the b word and some quotes from Norbit that have that word in it.
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    Selena Gomez..or..Miley Cyrus?

    Selena all the way!!! I'm sorry, but I hate Miley Cyrus now, she's getting a little prima donna.
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    Have you made a smilie for TT?

    No, but I was around during the new smiley era. It was kind of exciting. :blink: LOL
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    Girls What Do You Do?

    I don't have much experience in this field. (I've only had one boyfriend :blink: ) I think you should just wait and see and if he's into you, but too shy, then I think you should ask.
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    My Mini City

    Thanks delious girl! Mine's growing more and more and it's getting a little exciting! LOL
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    My Mini City

    Here's mine.
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    Love and yuck

    Yeah, like I said my boyfriend and I (he's 13 I'm 12, about a six month difference) play it safe, we haven't kissed yet (we've been dating for 4 months) (I think we will soon though) I don't dress like a slut or flirt or whatever and he doesn't act like a wangster (wannabe gangster). We just act...
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    Valentines day

    Hi peeps. I had an awesome V-day!!! *screams* LOL JK Happy V-day
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    Guess Whos Posting Next!

    No, it's sugarfunpouch! mileycycrus.... I don't exacty remember her name. :)
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    Teen Pregnancies

    You're right. I'm not sure if that's wholey true.
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    Love and yuck

    OMG, how incredibly sad! Was she raped?! :D :P ;) :( :(