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    Does anyone know what version this is???

    As for the version, this is part of the reproduction line of original Tamagotchi. So this is the original Tamagotchi toy, just made more recently and with more color options.
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    Two Tamagotchi apps are soon to stop working on iOS

    If you don't mind me asking, what Angelgotchi and Devilgotchi apps are you talking about? If they're still available I'd love to download them.
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    An absolutely AMAZING game. I've played through the Pacifist Route twice, and I'm currently going through a Genocide Route. The story is so well developed, and the characters are so easy to love. It's extremely easy to get caught up in the story itself, and there's so many mysteries and secrets...
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    Tamagotchi Dream Town vs. Tamatown

    54 Personally, I hate Dream Town. Tamatown was amazing, and can and will never be replaced by a lesser Tamagotchi Town.
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    Best tamagotchi connections?

    I have only ever had a v6 out of the connections, but I still love it even though Tamatown is unavailable! I've always loved playing it and the games are ones you don't just play a couple times and get sick of them. (or at least in my opinion) The characters are good too, and you can have your...
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    How To Save Up?

    Thanks a lot!! :D I'll definitely do the trading in gift cards for cash thing, I never really thought about that. And as for school, last time my friends and I tried to sell stuff at school, our teacher yelled at us and said it was against the rules... :rolleyes: These tips help, so...
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    How To Save Up?

    Thank you so much! I will definitely ask my parents if I can start doing some odd jobs. Thanks for the tips, hopefully with these I'll be able to get a tamagotchi soon!
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    old virtual pet help

    I did find what you were talking about, but unfortunately it was a closed bidding on ebay. According to the description, it was a nano puppy, but I failed to find any further pictures under that name. Hopefully you can find something with that, and I hope I was some help. Sorry I couldn't...
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    New here and Tamagotchi Connection v4

    Actually you're in luck! There is an archive website who's goal is to archive all things on the internet, and they managed to archive the tamagotchi V4 Tamatown! Here's the link to the site;
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    How To Save Up?

    So I'm very young, (not old enough to get a job) and I wanted to know if anyone out there has any tips or tricks for saving up to buy a tamagotchi? I really want a V4, because most of my childhood memories of tamagotchi were on Tamatown, because I have two Music Stars. But when I finally...