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My first ever virtual pet was a Miuchiz Spike that my grandma bought for me in 2006. 16 years later and I still have it, though it did suffer a little corrosion, it still works perfectly.

I saw a Tamagotchi maybe half a year ago in my local toy store and was put off by the price of it at the time. It's $50 where I live. A couple of months ago, when on a trip I found this cheap knock-off while shopping and decided to give it a go. I actually quite like the bootleg, and honestly it has some pros over the Tamagotchi. It does also have cons that I might cover in a future post. The main point is I enjoyed it and decided to finally buy my first official. $50 or not.

I got my Original Gen 2 Tamagotchi nearly 6 days ago and I have been having a blast with it. So much so I ordered another 6 of them, as well as a Angel and a Pix. I wasn't paying great attention to the Original Tamagotchi's generation. I was more interested in the cool shell designs. So far I have 3 of my 9 ordered Tamagotchis.

I've already learnt heaps within that time. Like you should never feed them snacks or they will probably perish. I hope to get a hold of more releases. As it is though I am happy with my collection so far.

My Collection:
P1 Re-release: 6
P2 Re-release: 3
AngelGotchi: 3
TamaMini: 1
GigaPetsAR: Puppy, T-Rex.
Digimon: 1
Evangelion Nano: 2
R2-D2 Nano: 1

I also love Furbys, if you couldn't tell : )
April 26
Furby Land