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    Love Potion....

    just keep connecting
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    i love my power plaz

    I have a dog. I'm gonna get another one too.
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    YES I GOT A POWERPALZ (it is a dog) it's name:Fara

    I have one too!!!!!! It's a girl dog named angel. It's a youngster.
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    :angry: Power Palz.... What do YOU Think about them??? Have you heard of them???? They have real animals like Dogs, Cats, Horses, etc. If you have one which one??? And what stage is it at?????
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    A Nazo Popped Up What does it mean?

    Bonjour Camelle!!!! Je m'appelle Juliet(te). Je ne parle pas francais tres bien mais je comprend un petit peu. Je ne suis Francais mais, je suis canadienne et j'aime Le Francais. Est-ce que tu veux etre mon amie????? Je suis desole pour le mal francais. >> Juliet(te) aka Tamagotchi Queen...
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    ah 1 minute its alive then theres nothin

    Was it a teen????????? If so, then it ran away. Sry to hear that.
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    pleez help it was a ufotch but now its a whaletch

    Some advice for the next time; MAKE SURE YOUR TAMA IS NOT OVERWEIGHT ON AN ODD GENERATION!!!!!!!!!!! (EX. G1, G3, G5...etc.)
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    When the matchmaker comes do you say yes or no?

    I always say yes. BUT, If you say no, she will come at 10:30 am, 3:00 pm, and 7:00 pm. In other words, she only comes 9 times in total.
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    It got married to a flowertchi. :P Mine got married to a Dorotchi!!!! (The Ghost Tama)
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    when I go to sleep my tama gets up first!

    Actually, it's called slang. Set The time up with your time. If your tamas sleep later than you do, then change yourtime or ask your parents to go to bed later. P.S: How do you know its going to be a Mimitchi??? It could be something else too you know. Peace, :angry: Tamagotchi Queen J-Star
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    I cant....

    STOP!!!!!!!! I know how. When you have the matchmaker anyways. When the matchmaker is there with the book, for a girl press the "A" button. For a boy, press "B". Hope this helps!!!!!!!!!!!!! :angry: And I think also when you press the "A" button while your Tamas are kissing, you should get a...
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    I NEED.....

    Thanks :angry:
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    Help for new comers

    Can you tell me everything about a hitodecthi????? :angry:
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    How do you make sure............

    It takes 4 days for a baby tama to evolve into an adult. IF you DO NOT pause it.
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    Love Potion

    U need to connect a little bit more