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    i missed u tamatalk

    i joined this site 11 years ago and i am very happy to see that it is still alive. i love tamatalk so much. i'm interested in coming back on here again but i'll probably be making a new account. i doubt anyone remembers me, but maybe old friends of mine are still on here? new friends are cool...
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    attention all club penguin fans

    :3 DJ Kidcat is coming! Look out for kidcat573. Can she be the party DJ? If not, she can come as Pynk- and play music :3 [i is kidcat :3]
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    Monkey-CRAZY quiz

    Same. All they are? Hairy humans with scary eyes and they smell and fling poo. D: It's horrible.
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    The [[official]] sprite editing topic

    Yus. You can do any game, like sonic, or pokemon, or kirby... whatever. Post them here when you're done, for all to see. [[HOW DO I FIND SPRITES?]] Go on google and type this in: NAME OF GAME HERE Sprite Sheet Then for best results, click the first one. c: then start editing! Imma post...
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    What type and color of DS do you have?

    I have a pink DS lite. Hurrhurr. <3 But, i feel empty inside because i abandoned my old blue DS at gamestop for it. D: Oh well. That thing sucked, this things rocks. c: Whuddu you guys have?
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    Anybody wanna do Wi-Fi on Pokemon?

    Sewz , Anybody? Like i also have a question. How do you get your FC? ;o i'mma idiot i guess. <3 REPLY PLEAZ0RS? <3 Tankkyus.
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    Eye color: lime green Letters: inside color: black- and outline color: lime green) Small accessories: (don't add on a billion things here cuz it's just an eye. LIke for mine, I have a heart. :lol: ) spiral, starts at corner of eye [example...
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    Elf yourself!

    ... xD Mozilla Firefox is an Internet Browser.
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    Why not? Garlic bread pwns cherries >:U
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    Oooh, i feel protected nao!!!!111
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    Teegeetwo owns all of your garlic bread
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    Cartoon-ie wolf avatars. <3 C again
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    Cartoon-ie wolf avatars. <3 ^^^Pyonnie^^^
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    Cartoon-ie wolf avatars. <3 ^^^For C^^^
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    Cartoon-ie wolf avatars. <3

    So like, I'm making cartoon style wolf avatars. For an example, look at my avatar. here's the form. Base Color: Markings: (please tell what color they are) eye color: emote: collar? if so what color, and are there any things on it (example: bell or something): gender: Border color: (in...