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    Ciao from Bigotao🥰

    I’ve started collecting again after a break of about 10 years. Currently obsessed with Tamagotchi On. I have a good one and a bad one (guess which one it is 😝). Just wanted to share a pic of my evening tonight. Hope you are all doing well 💕
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    Future tamagotchi ideas

    Great post! I’d like for all tamas to connect together no matter the version!! And for apps never to be discontinued 🥰
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    Tamagotchi Friends Dream Town - I'm stuck

    Hello! Does this mean that it's impossible to raise the BFF points unless we connect the tamas physically in person? Thanks!
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    Looking for friends in tamagotchi on app!

    Hello, I'm new here. Where do I find my ID on Tamagotchi Friends so I can share it? Thank you!
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    Tamagotchi Friends Dream Town Update!!

    Hello! This is my very first post on this forum. I have recently found my Tamagotchi Friends and it has just turned Gen2! I'm so happy! :love: Thank you and @MrBlinky for posting this amazing link so we can test out all of the features. :)