*Tweety-Bird 10*


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Well, let&#39;s see, where do I start? Well obviously Tweety Bird and tamagotchis... volleyball, soccer, hockey, losing teeth lol, getting report cards, the list is infinant. XD.<br><br>My nick names:<br><br>Funky Monkey<br><br>Lucky Ducky<br><br>Froggy Princess<br><br><br>Call me the advice queen. Don&#39;t be shy to PM me for advice. It won&#39;t bother me at all. <br><br><br>Here&#39;s some good advice on confidence: What other people say is never what they think. Don&#39;t listen to anyone&#39;s opinion, if you feel good, it will show. So act or dress the way YOU want, then you&#39;ll be more beautiful than you think. A smile is better than a look. Because a happy pretty smile is a happy pretty you, and that&#39;s what counts. Feeling is looking, just take that as some advice&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;<br><br><br>Swearing, insulting and being rude to me in forums and/or PM will get you blocked and/or reported, depending on how much you annoyed me.<br><br>Hope you have a happ-happ-happifull day&#33;<br><br><br>Later&#33;<br><br><br>*Tweety*
Dec 24, 1995 (Age: 28)
None of your bumble bee&#39;s wax&#33;


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[SIZE=14pt]Yahoooo! Snow! Let's disco! Click 3 times 4 my password!Tricked ya![/SIZE]


I'm the winner of the 3rd annual avvie contest by ~.Forever.~ !!! PS, Happy 2nd B Day tamatalk!