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    Unexpected Morino growth

    I've been running my morino for the past few months, and a lot's happened. Kind of. Something I've noticed is Imotchi will evolve into Mayutchi after 24 hours/12 awake hours if it's due to become a Mushibatchi or Gejitchi at 40mg, not 96 hours/48 awake hours. But what really puzzled me today...

    Tamaotch question

    I've been seeing a lot of things about how the TamaOtch growth complication has been for the most part solved. But I still get Kakuretchi every time I get to the Active stage. And it evolves after 24 hours. Here's what hapoened. Character: Asadoratchi Hearts full, filled up after one dropped...

    Sanrio M!x? What the...

    Hey, listen. There's five m!x versions out right now, right? So far I have the Melody version, and I'm getting the 20ani version for my 18th. So that leaves the Spacy and Dream versions. I probably won't get Spacy, since I have Melody and you probably don't need both, because it's quite a lot...

    Tamagotchi m!x - how's it looking?

    A year ago on 16 October 2016 - the day I became 17 - I got my Melody ver. Tamagotchi m!x, and so far the thing I can honestly say about it is how this version is very... unique. It's one of those versions that makes you realise that Tamagotchi is taking new turns - kind of like how Pokémon is...

    Gudetama Tamagotchis!

    Actually that shell form looks almost exactly like the Tamagotchi Nano. I suppose this must be some sort of spin off release or something.

    How about a good, rare-looking P1, eh?

    It's been a long while, hasn't it. Most of you have probably forgotten who I was, but I'm back again. I found this shell design - I've never seen anything like it! I'm guessing this must be some rare, and I mean REALLY rare shell design released in Japan or something - like a limited edition...

    Umino (ocean tamagotchi) growing times?

    I think I've got you. The vintage Tamagotchi age whenever they wake up; say you change the clock to an hour where the character is asleep and then to an hour it is awake it will become a year older. It's stupid, I know. That's probably what did it. It doesn't affect how long it'll take to grow...

    Remove the tBay feedback

    Because the staff had received intelligence that there were/may have been members who were using the system to hijack other member's property by talking them into it; someone might say they'd trade something of theirs for something of someone else's; Person B would send Person A their item and...

    [Recommend Me!] Tamagotchi Friends?

    >but I don't really like it as much as the other versions >unlike some of the newer versions (like the TF and Tama go) I find that the V4 is more fun to use for longer periods of time >I really do recommend the V4 >but still not much >bumping isn't really fun for those of us...

    Patterns for Tama Go?

    I've sent you a PM. It should be helpful too.

    Tamagotchi p's evolution time

    Egg: 1 minute Baby: 1 hour Child: 25 hours Teen: 25 hours Adults can get married starting from the age of 4, and can live for as long as you wish to keep your Tamagotchi. 99 is the largest number on the age counter, but it can live to be past 100.   If there's anything else you want to...

    Odd event Tama 4U and 4U+

    It's was Neenetchi's birthday yesterday! This happened to me as well on my 4U+. Basically at 1:30 PM Candy Pakupaku was writing this card and then Nazotchi came and sent it. I knew it was for Neenetchi because she said it was for her, and she had already been to see her at the restaurant.  ...

    Friends vs. P's

    It depends whether you're talking about the original version or the updated Dream Town version. Out of the three, I'd say the Dream Town Friends takes priority, but it depends on what you like. If you're like EMF; you prefer more simple and have lots of games, you'll like Tamagotchi Friends, and...

    4u - Why can't my Jeanistkuchipa wear any of the clothes or accessories he buys?

    None of the Personality Stage characters can. Personality Stage characters and babies do what you described; if you want it to wear the crown, then you'll have to change him back to Kuchipatchi. That's just how it is, I'm afraid.

    Tama-Go: Wake and Sleep Chart

    I am making a chart displaying the wake and sleep times of the Tama-Go characters. But... As you can see, I don't have all of the records. Here's my current progress: It was not pretty; it...