Angelgotch | angelgotchi - Tamagotchi Angel

Angelgotch | Tamagotchi AngelA flash of light, a brilliant starbust and instantly, an adorable little winged spirit appears. This Tamagotchi was made for children who got confused or sad because their regular tama had passed away (-_-). The Angelgotch doesn't die, when it completes its work on earth, it will return to its Celestial Virtual Home. When your Tamagotchi Angel completes its journey a new Angel can be called. The Angelgotch was available in 4 different colours: pearlised pink, white, blue and yellow. In Japan the case looked slightly different and there wasn't a yellow version available.
The Angelgotchi
Angel tamagotchiAngelgotchi is my favourite Tamagotchi character, it's so adorable (^__^). The Japanese version also features a hidden poo character, which will appear when you haven't touched the Tama in days. In my opinion the Japanese version has got nicer hidden characters than the European or American one. The Angels are eager to do good deads for you, so they can increase there "Angel Power" (Tenshi Power).
The Characters
Characters Angel Tamagotchi
The Game & Growth Chart
The angel is easy to play with and it grows more quickly than the common Tamagotchi. You can feed it pie when it's hungry or candy to give it power. The Angelgotch has got a touch screen to scare away bats and to get your Angel's attention when it flies out of the screen. So far I've only seen the bat when feeding my angel candy, just gently tap on the side to scare it away.

In the Shooting Star Game you can help Angel to fly over the stars, when you jump over all 5 stars it fills two hearts on its effort meter. Oh and remember that Angels also have to sleep, get medicines and be cleaned after (O_o)
Growth Chart
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Or have a look at the original advertisement from the Bandai catalogue, 1998.