Arukotch | Arukotchi Tamagotchi Arukotch isn't really a tamagotchi, it's more of a pedometer. Not only does Arukotch count your steps, she will also meet new boys while you are walking. This pedometer has got a clip on the back, so you can put it on your belt.

This pedometer was available in three colours:
- Blue with darker blue text and buttons
- Pink, with darker pink text and buttons
- White, with grey borders and red hearts

The Character
Arukotchi is a shy girl who's waiting for a proposal from a cute boy. You can help Arukotchi out by walking with her, so she will become more healthy an beautiful. You can also use items you find on the way to get in touch with boys (for instance a mobile phone) or make yourself more attractive, but don't put on too much rouge ;-).

Arukotch | Arukotchi Tamagotchi

The Game
While Arukotch is walking she'll meet different kind of boys. The boy can get her attention by giving her something special, like a love letter, a ring, or even a car! When Arukotch has accepted the gift she'll get a picture from the guy, to put safely away. She can collect up to 15 boys/pictures (O_o).

Arukotch won't only find boys on her walk, while you are taking more steps she will also receive items. This items will make her more attractive to the boys. For instance, she can become a cooking princess with her Book of cooking and looks beautiful in her dress. Don't forget to keep Arukotch healthy and beautiful by taking her for a walk from time to time (you can check her meters).

Arukotch | Arukotchi TamagotchiArukotch | Arukotchi TamagotchiArukotch | Arukotchi Tamagotchi Arukotch | Arukotchi Tamagotchi

The battery (CR2032) will last for about two months if you take it with you every day.