tamagotchi CONNEXION 2

This new Connexion looks a lot like the first connexion and most of the colours already existed in the Tamagotchi Plus. The colours are:
- Purple and white | Yellow with orange
- Red and white
- Clear blue | Clear pink
- Yellow with stars

The colours for the Connection 2 will probably be:
- Translucent Cobalt blue
- Milky white with pink hearts | Milky blue with polka dots
- Purple with stars
This tamagotchi is hiding a lot of characters. Not only does it include characters from the first Connection and Keitai, but you will also see some of your older friends! That's right, Tamagotchi version 1, 2 and Osuchi/mesuchi were also taken into consideration. When I debugged my Connection 2 (this doesn't work for a Connexion 2) I discovered about 60 characters (!), but not all of them are fully functional, so I guess the Connection 2 is hiding about 40 "real" critters! Got curios? Look at this chart with names and pictures. If your curious about the sleeping times of your character and what it likes to eat, you should check out DMAG They made an excellent Tamagotchi Care Guide! Thank you Bee from tamatalk for sharing this info ^_^
So what does it do?
Well, to begin with it beeps softly constantly, so it seems to have the same malfunction as the Connection tamagotchi :(. On the other hand, my battery is still hanging in there after 3 weeks!

Food: You can choose between a:
Meal (bread)
Snack (icecream)
Treat (whatever you buy from the shop, like corn or milk)

Secret Codes: Thanks to my manual and Tamatalk:
ACBCABAC : Hair Lotion
CBAACABC = Costume (Thanks Tenduma)
ABBACBCC = Whole Cake (Thanks Chaochy56)
BACBCACB = Steak (Thanks Tyson and MacColl)
BCBACABA = Love Potion (Thanks DDK5)
When you've used all five codes, which will also be available through Tamagotchi.com, your Tamagotchi will become immortal ^_^.

As your tamagotchi grows at each stage of life, the number of playes to be played increases to four total games.
- Jump Game; You have to press the A, B or C button immedialtely when the appropriate light comes on at the screen (left, middle or right). When you've hit al three buttons in time, your tama will make the biggest jump.
- Push Game; Wait untill you see the word "Push" in your screen, than hit the B button and hit it once more when the power level is high. It's kinda difficult to hit it at the right spot, but believe me your tama will win eventually ^_^
- Heading Game: Move your Tama to the left or right and press button B to make it head the ball.
- Slot Game: Haven't played this one yet...

With the Connexion 2 you don't enter special codes to receive items, but you can buy them from the shop. I believe that the shop gets new stock twice a day. There will only be four items at a time in the shop. I've seen some nice treats and even a couple of boots passing by.

Funny Items
Spade: Use it to dig for....
Flower: don't use this item when your tama is small because it wants to eat you (O_o). But when you're older I can advice you to get one!
UFO: it wil cost you 5000 point, but it is a lot of fun ^_^