Doraemon Tamagotchi The mouth of Doraemon is the actual screen, where the action takes place. This Tama is also available in a yellow, girlish figure, which is Dorami, his little sister. Remarkable is the cute bell underneath it.
Just like with the Santaclauthi you have to help Doraemon to find his items. The aim is not to educate Doraemon, but you have to raise his level in excellence so he can help Nobita out.
The Character
 Doraemon Tamagotchi Doraemon was sent from the 22nd century by Nobita's grandson. His mission was to save Nobita from poverty and from marrying Jiyan's ugly sister. He popped out of Nobita's desk drawer one day and that's when all their adventures began.
Doraemon has a lot of human-like qualities. For instance, he loves to eat Dorayaki, which are "buns" that are like a kind of sweet pancake dough which is used like bread to 'sandwich' the anko (sweet bean paste) in between.

Doraemon has a fourth dimensional pocket on his abdomen that links to the 22nd century. He can put almost anything in there and pull lots of weird gadgets out! He often uses the gadgets to save Nobita, but Nobita ends up misusing the gadgets and getting himself into more trouble.

The Game
Doraemon is a bit different from the regular Tamagotchis. Not only do you have to feed it and play with it, you can also help him in finding his secret tools. They will appear in his 4th dimension pocket, so he can help his friends Nobita and Shizuka. Because Doraemon is a robot he might break down and then you'll have to fix him.

 Doraemon Tamagotchi
Oh no, a mouse! Shoot it with your Air gun or you might break down...

These are some of the tools Doraemon can collect:
Personal Copter - a propeller that you put on your head, so that you can fly
Wherever Door - walk through this door to wherever you want to go
Time Machine - to take you to whenever, this is located in Nobita's desk drawer that Doraemon originally popped our of
Air Gun - a very userfuly tube that you slip over your finger to knock your enemies out with a pulse of air
 Doraemon Tamagotchi
Because Nora can't do it on his own, Doraemon helps him out!