DR. Slump

DR Slump Tamagotchi Dr. Slump was a Manga that later turned into an anime. Lots of funny characters were introduced. You'll also meet them while playing this game. It depends on how well you raise your tamagotchi what character you'll get. Unchikun, also known as lucky poo, is one of the characters. As you might know Bandai likes the poo, because every Tamagotchi produces it and the unchikun also makes its appearance in the Angel Tamagotchi (^_^)

You can press the button on his back to pause it and press his anttenas on the front to increase his Love Love levels.
The Story
DR Slump Tamagotchi Dr. Slump, created by Akira Toriyama (Dragon Ball), is a story about a scientist named Senbe Norimaki and his robot, Arale Norimaki. They live in Pengiun village where pigs walk on their rear legs and the sun eats ice cream as he complains how hot it is. Nobody in the village knows that Arale is a robot. Arale has inhuman strength (One of her hobbies is to run over police cars) and she can run at the speed of sound.
Gatchan is a friend of dr Slump and he was born from an egg. He is famous for eating almost everything, from houses till the moon! Except for rubber of course, that tastes so bad ;-)
The Characters
Below you can find a decription of the possible character outcomes, please visit Tamasquare for instructions.

DR Slump Tamagotchi

Arale Norimaki -- AKA: Arale-chan. The little girl robot that Senbee creates in volume one. While she is supposed to be perfect, her eyesight is bad, and she has no common sense.

Ga-chan -- speaks in nonsense peeping that only Arale can interpret, and will eat anything, including dirt, but with the exception of rubber.

Niko-chan -- The king of the Niko-Chan planet. He and his servant wanted to take over the world, but Gacchan ate their spaceship so they had to stay on Earth. Senbe later let them test a spaceship and they went home.

Kinoko Sarada -- A parody of a popular Japanese marketing character. Runs away from home to become a biker mama when her father eats the strawberries off her dessert. Wants to be a tough girl, but can not deal with Arale or Ga-chan.

Pisuke Soramame -- Tarou's wimpy little brother. Always wears a cat-ear hat.

Daigorou Kurigashira -- Big Almond Head Gorou. A new teacher at Arale's new high school. Although his head is 5 times bigger than his body, he considers the rest of Penguin Village to be weird. His favorite form of punishment is "Punishment of Love", where he bops someone with his forehead.

Betty -- A pig from the neighboring village

Caramel-man: AKA Obotchaman -- A naive, idealistic robot made to stop Arale "from conquering the world." Looks like Astroboy, is much more polite than Arale, and is her exact match for power. Instead, Obotchaman develops a crush on Arale, and is attacked by Mashirito.

Unchi-kun -- Mr. Shit. An animated coil with feet. Kind of a running gag. Seen occasionally in most volumes. His origins are given in volume 14 (Senbee had to take a "relief break" while driving through the woods on the way towards town.) Unchi-kun wanders into town, is discovered by Arale, and taken to the Norimaki's home to live in the toilet bowl there.

Suppaman -- Parody of Superman, this guy eats umibochi (tart pickled plums (suppai means 'tart' or 'sour',)) to gain his great powers. In actuality, he's a short, stocky, cowardly braggart who likes using a gun and handgrenades to solve personal problems. Claims to be working for world peace.