Hanerutchi tamagotchi, hanerucchi hanerochi

A Hanerutchi Tamagotchi is similar to a Keitai Tama, but it has got different adult characters. Those were created from the Japanese TV show called: You knock on a jumping door! There were only two versions released: white with red and white with green.
The games and items are also a bit different from the Keitai Tamagotchi. The Hanerutchi was only released in Japan, it would be cool if Bandai could make a Tamagotchi based on an American TV Show ^_^
The Characters
I've got a book about the hanerutchi with pictures of the characters in it, to me this explained a lot! When I find the time I will scan those.
You've got:
- Big schoolboy with glasses
- Girl in training suit
- Boy with big lips ;-)
- Scared/surprised boy (scream)
- Angry older lady
- Gentleman (or salesman?)
- Schoolgirl
- Some sorta superman (pink suit)
- Angry boxing dude (red suit)
- Scared girl
- Cool dude with green hair etc.
Special Items
Most of the items are the same to that of the Keitai Tamagotchi. But there are some items, please tell me if you know their code, that are special:

Growth Chart
As you can see, the baby and todler tamagotchis are similar to that of the Keitai, but the Teenagers and Adults are from the TV Show. You can read a small Hanerutchi Diary I kept over here.