Happy Pet

Happypet These happy pets, also known as Wrist Wanko, were introduced in 2003 by Bandai. They're aimed at elementary school girls and you can wear them around your wrist. Two wristbands were included in the package so you could switch between them.

In Japan they'll sell for about 25 dollars, and once in a while they'll show up on eBay for about 50~75 dollars.

The most special feature bout this pet is the Touch screen. You can pet, praise, discipline and even train your pet to do tricks by touching different areas on the screen. Touching the right area on the screen during certain activities will improve their mood (happiness level) or increase their intelligence level.

The Versions
A lot of pets were released, including dogs, cats and dolphins!
The Game
The Happy Pet will not grow up like most other virtual pets, but it will behave like a regular pet. You'll see lots of nice animations on the screen where your pet drinks, climbs into trees or bring you your slippers.


Like with other pets you can praise and discipline it, but this time by using the touch screen!