tamagotchi Keitai

 Keitai Tamagotchi Kaitsu Bandai has now tweaked the infra-red port to let you communicate with a cellphone. You can shop using points youfve built up by raising the creature, or send it off on holiday via your phone. Wefre not sure whether the Shuku Keitai Kaitsuu Tamagotchi Plus (the first bit loosely means gCongratulations! It now works with a cellphone!h) will make it outside Japan, but we can hope. [source: engadget] They will be released in Japan on 11-23 for 2,500 yen (23,50 usd). I think they'll only work with some Japanese providers so far :(, where you can download the right application for your phone.

The Yeikai Tamagotchi is aimed at primary and highschool students. Bandai hopes to sell 1 million pieces by the end of March 2005. The regularly Tamagotchi plus has already sold 3 million pieces so far.

The Colours
 Keitai Tamagotchi Kaitsu
TamaTama Market
 Keitai Tamagotchi KaitsuIt looks like you can spend your well deserved points in the Tamatama market on:
  • clothing
  • food and
  • travel tickets, to send your tama on a holiday. It can go to Paris or Hawaii for instance (^_^). From what I understood people in Japan can exchange items with eachother through the cellphone. The tama character can move between the tamagotchi and the cellphone

    There are huge Tamagotchi's (20 cm height) displayed in 3000 (toy) stores over Japan. Depending on the area* you live in you can purchase different kinds of food and toys for your own tama (through infrared) *Bandai has divided Japan in seven areas.

  • Limited Editions
     Keitai Tamagotchi Kaitsu

    Limited winter editions, cute keychains and three new carry cases will be sold.

    Cellphone game
    I don't know if and how this game relates to the keitai Tamagotchi. In November Bandai will release a game for cellphones in Japan where you can raise a Tamagotchi and play games (fortune-telling). These are some screenshots:

     Keitai Tamagotchi Kaitsu