Tamagotchi related websites
Tamasquare: Very nice informative website with translations of Japanese Tamagotchi and Virtual Pets instructions.

Tamenagerie: Melissa has written innumerable descriptions about her collection of Virtual Pets, the pictures will also keep you busy for hours :-)

Tamagotchi: Extensive website from a German Tamagotchi fan.

Tamago: Japanese website by an illustrator, check out his great Tamagotchi artwork and pixels (also if you don't understand any Japanese ;-)

TamaTalk: Want to talk to other Tamagotchi parents or do you have questions? Leave a message at the TamaTalk forum.

Bladeagotchi: All you want to know about Giga Pets, Tamaotch and the newest Tamagotchi. Including photos!

Mimitchi: Offers information about the older Tamagotchi and Tamagotchi School.

Official websites
Tama Collection: Check out a lot of the Tamagotchi colours that have been released before 2000.

Tamagotch Channel: Bandai website about all the cute Tamagotchi Characters that have been released before 2000.

Tamagotch Channel: Everything you need to know about the new Tamagotchi. The site is in Japanese, but the pictures are worth watching!

TamaTown: Bandai website about Tamatown and the latest Tamagotchis.

Kao-Ani: My personal website, dedicated to kawaii (cute) characters and pixels.

Seven's Heaven : Character designer, who produces great 3D and pixel characters.