Generation 2

Tamagotchi Tamagotchis Generation 2 has probably got the most variations of all Tamagotchi types. The one on the left is one of my favourites: blue with silver buttons and characters (*.*). The American version came in various designs like tiger stripes and leopard prints.

There were also some tama's released with Tamagotchi characters printed on them - very cute! Some of those tamas are somewhat rare, like the golden Tamagotchi that was sold at Toys R Us in 1997.
The Story
Tamagotchi TamagotchisPerhaps you are wondering where tamagotchi's come from in the first place. Truth be told it's a cyber story worthy of a short explanation for would-be parents. In outer space - probably in the Milky Way somewhere - there exists a planet called Tamagotch inhabited by Tamagotchis. Intrigued by stories about life on planet Earth they decided to check it out for themselves. As they zoomed through space, the ship super-sensitive antenna was zoning in on the perfect parents for its tiny crew members. Things didn't go as smoothly as planned when they got to earth. They crash landed in a river in Japan, of all places, which is where Professor Banzo comes into the picture. He was taking a quiet walk along the river when the accident happened. Imagine the shock!
After rescueing and studying them in his laboratory for quite some time, the professor has become the world's leading authority on Tamagotchis. The Tamagotchis will alll eventually fly back to their home planet because they get homesick for it. How long they stay is pretty much up to you.
The Game
Gen 2 has got a different game and a few different characters than the first generation.

Feed your Tama properly
You know that babies cry when they're hungry. Well, so will your tamagotchi. Press A to higlight the "fork and knife" icon, then press B to select either a snack or a meal. By the way, Tamagotchis gain one oz from a meal and two ozs from a snack. You're pet will et happy from feeding it a snack, but be sure not to feed it too much (play the game instead).

The object of the game is to guess wheter the number will be higher or lower. To choose lower, press the A button, to choose higher, press the B button. If you guess correctly, Tamagotchi will be happy.

Lights out please
Use the light bulb to turn off the light when it goed to sleep, or else it will get restless. Your pet will go to sleep every night between 8 and 11 pm and wake at 9 the next morning when it will turn the light back on by itself.

Tamagotchi Tamagotchis

Generation 2 Growth Chart.