Santagotchi Santaclautchi Tamagotchi Santa Santa has only got a few days, untill 24th of December to deliver his presents to all the Tamagotchi characters. You'll see them waiting for a present and Santa has to wait till it gets dark before he can climb down the chimney. He'll receive presents from the event calendar, playing jingle bell, with which he can change his appearance. Ever seen a Santa dressed up as a penguin or skaterboy? Well, it's all possible with this Tamagotchi (^__^).
This Tamagotchi was only released in Japan, in three colours:
- Red with white buttons and a golden trim
- Green with white buttons and a golden trim
- White with red buttons and a silver trim
The Character
Santagotchi Santaclautchi Tamagotchi SantaSantagotchi, also known as Santaclautchi, only has got a few days left to deliver his present to all the Tama's (O_o). He gets happy from receiving letters (i guess with wishlists) and climbing down the chimney to leave presents for sleeping Tama's. But if Santa is too late he'll meet an angry Oyajitchi or Deviltchi. If you ignore Santaclautchi's attention icon or let him sulk without sending him a letter, he will get mad and return to his house.
Santagotchi doesn't really evolve, but you give it items to change his appearance
Santagotchi Santaclautchi Tamagotchi Santa Chart
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