TAMAOTCH Tamagotchi - Instructions

Instructions Tamaotch
Start Up
Tamaotch instructions
Untab Tamaotch and reset her by pusing the reset button on the back gently with a pen.
Set the timer by using the A, B and C buttons. Now three eggs will appear, choose one of them.

Good morning!
tamaotchi intructions

After 5 minutes your egg will hatch with some cheerful bleeps and the message "Good Morning" will be displayed on your screen. Now it's time to raise your little critter, but first lets find out what the meters mean (select the first icon with your A button and press B to confirm).

Press B again, to display the various meters;
Meters Tamaotch

Discipline; when Tamaotch is being selfish, you have to discipline her.
Hunger: Training makes hungry, so make sure you give Tamaotch some rice from time to time.
Happiness; this meter gets filled by playing the slot game.
Training; having good rehearsels will raise this meter.

As with every tamagotchi it's important to check the meters regularly and make sure they don't completely empty.


The second icon displays a break. You can either give Tamaotch a rice meal (which will fill the hunger meter) or a snack to raise her happiness meter. Don't give her too many snacks or she will get fat ;-) In that case it's better to play the slot game to make her happy.

The third option is giving Tamaotch a letter (fan mail), when she's being selfish. She's selfish when either her hunger, happiness or training meter is empty but she refuses to eat, play the slot game or rehearse.

Slots Game
Tamaotch instructions

The third icon displays the slots game. You can use this to raise Tamaotch's happiness meter.
Select the game icon and press the A or B button on your Tama to gamble. The A represents the left slot and the B the middle one, it doesn't matter in what order you stop them. The C slot will be stopped by Tamaotch. This game isn't that easy because the symbols scroll by pretty quickly. I usually focus on the upper part of the seven and press immediately afterwards, to get the sun.

You need three symbols of the same kind to win this game. 3 x Seven will earn you 3 hearts on your happiness meter, 3 x Sun fills two hearts and the other symbols 1 heart. With exception of the skull, which will leave you with... nothing (T_T)

Tamaotch instructions

For Tamaotch is quite important to keep training, so she'll be confident on stage. Her training routines include ad-lib (improvisation), dancing and acting.
When you select the training mode you can choose one of these options. It's also nice to change between them for some variation.

When you've chosen one of the options the next thing to do is make 3 moves, therefore use the A and B button. For example with dancing, press A for "left" and B for "right", so left-left-right would be A-A-B. After that Tamaotch will try to mimic your moves.
Tamaotch speaker icon If she's performed them in the same order, praise her by tapping the Tamagotchi on the side*, a speaker icon will appear on the upper left corner of the screen. But when she failed press the A button, she will cry a bit :( and than you can continue. You have to complete at least 2 correct routines (from a total of 3) in order to succeed. Now your training meter will increase and you will lose some weight.

*I've noticed that gently tapping on my Tamaotch doesn't always work. In that case turn her around or you can shake her a bit (thanks to Sarah from the VPetsML group for that tip!)

Tamaotch toiletA couple of times a day Tamaotch will leave a poo for you, use this icon to flush it away.

Tamaotch instructions
A skull next to your character indicates that it's sick, you can cure her by selecting the medicine symbol. But be aware that she'll get a bit moody from it, so give her a virtual hug by tapping on the tama and wait for the "speaker" icon to appear.

Tamaotch instructions
When Tamaotch goes to sleep (for instance at 20.00) you have to turn the lights out to give her a good night rest. Select the Lantarn icon and choose the second option - lights out. The first option represents lights on, but when Tamaotch wakes up, she'll turn the lights on herself.

Tamaotch toiletWhen Tamaotch calls out for you (with beeps and a Japanese text along te screen) look at the meters to see what's wrong. Maybe she's hungry or wants to practise.

But sometimes she'll call you when her meters haven't emptied yet, in that case you have to discipline her.

On Stage
As a real performer Tamaotch likes to get on stage, she will do this once a day during 30 minutes, usually in the evening. When she's on stage you can only use the check meters, the other icons aren't available at that time.

Other options
Press the A and C button simultaneously to turn the sound off (and on again)

Press the B button to see the time. In this screen you can also push the A and C button simultaneously to set the time. As long as you're in this time setting screen the Tamagotchi is on pause,so you can also use this a a pause function. Simply set the time right to get out of this pause screen.