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    Hello Tamatalk!!

    Welcome to the forum.
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    Feeling like an old timer

    And thank you for sticking around and helping the others that follow.
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    What are you listening to now?

    That's great to hear that he's getting good.
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    What are you listening to now?

    Is he any good?
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    what should i name my new tama?

    Fleur (flower in French)
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    Do you remember your first tama?

    So how many do you have now, and does Mom try to help out any more?
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    Grogu Tamagotchi Nano Announced

    I ordered a little one that should be delivered tomorrow. I'll have to try it out.
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    Grogu Tamagotchi Nano Announced

    That's such a cute one. But I'm partial to Yoda's of all ages and sizes.
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    Hey Everyone

    Nice to have you here, Kib. Welcome! What a way to end a 300-day lifetime.:) I know you've gone over it, but that would remind you to put some safety measures in your game programs.
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    Finally made an account

    Welcome, Reidsy! That's a good crowd you have there. What Tamas/v-Pets are you running currently? I like seeing pictures. Would be great if you can share some when you get the chance.
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    Hey Saturn, welcome to TamaTalk! I'm glad that you joined. Have fun. Any other Tama you wish to have?
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    Hey there, nice Tama! Welcome to TamaTalk. Nice to have you here. I'm sure you'll learn in no time, right?
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    Back in Tama mode!

    Does it mean you would have played all nine at once if not because of the screw and battery?:) Welcome Ashley, glad to have you back! Have fun and keep the updates coming.
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    OMG used to come here long ago... I'm back!

    Hey there, welcome. Nice to have you back! So what did you end up buying?
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    Hi everyone

    Hi and welcome, Geno. Nice to have you here! Good luck with getting a color Tama. Keep the updates coming, will you?:)
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    That's great. I look forward to it. Have fun! By chance, can you share a pic or two of your v-Pets?
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    Welcome to TamaTalk, Ari! It's great to know that you also adore Tamagotchis. I believe you belong here.:) I hope you enjoy the forum. Keep the updates coming, will you?
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    Hello everyone!

    Hello and Welcome! Glad that you've finally decided to register. What Tama are you playing currently, if you are?
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    Hello and welcome! That's wonderful, glad that you joined. Do you still have Tamagotchis, or are you buying new ones?
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    Hello and welcome! Glad that you stumbled across our site. Do you have a Tamagotchi or have considered getting one?