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    Who's your Favorite Singer/Band?

    Carrie Underwood has got to be my number one fave, but I love SO many of today's country artists (Chris Young, Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, Brad Paisley, FGL, and too many others to name!)
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    Weird Dreams

    Last night I had a dream that this guy I dated a few months back was dead, except the circumstances of his death were a complete mystery so I have no idea how he supposedly died. Freaked me out though, I woke up thinking it was real. Then I went back to sleep and had a dream that there was a...
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    Why are celebrities so mean?

    I just think that a lot of celebrities are detached from reality and don't realize that the world doesn't revolve around them.
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    What made you happy today?

    Just the fact that it's Saturday, I'm off from work, and it's summer so I've been home from college since May. Even though it's a gloomy and rainy day today I'm just content to stay in and relax all day. :)
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    Missed my 10th anniversary...oops!

    I missed mine last year too! Congrats on a decade though! I still can't believe it's been that long myself!
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    12 years later

    I joined this website almost 11 years ago now. I think this is the longest that I've been a member of any website (second is Neopets lol). Started when I was 9 about to turn 10, now I'm almost 21! TamaTalk was a huge part of my life when I was younger, back when this site was a lot more active I...
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    Guilty Pleasures

    Binge watching Grey's Anatomy and Impractical Jokers... One might say that I'm just the slightest bit addicted. :P
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    -GIRLS- Size and weight

    I'm 19 years old, 5'0" and my weight tends to hover around 95 lbs.
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    I am very adamantly pro-life. Abortion is murder, and how is killing an unborn child any different from killing any other human being in this world? Either way, it is taking a life, and that is never okay.
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    Weird facts about you

    I have a terrible insect/arachnid phobia. Like, it's really bad. xD
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    Stuff you are obsessed with

    Right now I would have to say that I've developed an obsession with anything that makes me feel super nostalgic, especially of my middle school/early high school days. This obsession definitely stemmed from the fact that I just graduated high school and that I'm going off to college at the end...
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    It made me laugh...:)

    Last night, I was at one of my best friends' graduation parties, and another one of my friends was there. She's two years younger than us, so she hasn't graduated yet, but she and I had been riding the same bus since I moved to the town in which I currently live back in fourth grade. We've been...
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    Would you rather be deaf or blind?

    I'd rather be deaf because it would be a lot easier to adjust to life without sound than to adjust to life without sight. There's a lot more that you can still do being deaf than being blind.
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    What is your "security blanket"?

    I would have to say my stuffed beagle Max is my security blanket. I've had him since I was probably around 6 or 7, and I sleep with him every night and even bring him with me to sleepovers. Oh, and I'm definitely going to be bringing him with me to college at the end of this month.
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    Cliques/Groups of Friends?

    I just graduated high school in June, but in my school there weren't any specific cliques that you could label. Everybody just had their own group of friends, and I guess those groups of friends would be considered the "cliques" where I come from.
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    What Kind of Phone are you using?

    I currently have the iPhone 5c in pink and I absolutely love it. ^_^
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    Sinister Intentions

    I mean, in high school (and even now, love how I'm talking about my high school days as if its been years. I graduated literally a month ago xD), my friends and I would gossip about people and sometimes I'd be really nosy and try to get information out of my friends about other people, but I...
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    How many of you still sleep with a stuffed animal?

    I'm almost eighteen and I still sleep with my favorite stuffed doggy that I've had since I was probably around six. No shame in that, I love cuddling with him! :P
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    What is your sexuality?

    I'm straight, personally.
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    -GIRLS- Size and weight

    I'm 17, soon to be 18. I'm 5'0" and around 95 lbs. Gained quite a bit of weight recently, oops!