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    how come my tama change at 2 to a adult

    Hi, First of all i want to apolagise about the topic description being so slang. I have just found my tamagotchi after 2 moths and at the age of 2 my tamagotchi had changed into a adult. The first few questions were:- why? How? WHAT!? I want to see how young your tamagotchi can be to...
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    The next revoulution in debugging

    Hi, I can not find the Jp1 nd Jp2 on my board where is it has anyone got a picture to show me
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    You can make your tama older by debugging it. If you wish to debug it you might want to use a old tamagotchi to test it beforehand. If you open up the tamagotchi and go to where the battery is and unscrew the 4 screws. When thats done flip over the H.D Or motherboard to find 3 small circles...
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    Why did my Tamagotchi had a 2nd job?

    oh sorri, No need to go mad! i was onli askin, and who likes hannah montana enyway
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    Why did my Tamagotchi had a 2nd job?

    :D Hi, I am wondering if there is anything wrong with my tamagotchi, My tamagotchi character had changed into a adult at the age of two. Is this supposed to happen? I have had no job aplication through yet and i am wondering if i will need to reset it to solve the problem. The only problem i...