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  1. Digi

    Digi's Tama P1 Log - (Comments OK!)

    1/15/23 to 1/18/23 I took a photo on the 15th but I didn't get around to posting it because I wasn't feeling too great BUT! Here's our adult evo... Behold! Chunky Mametchi! I must have gotten really lucky or something! But now I know without a doubt that the programming is more forgiving on...
  2. Digi

    Digi's Tama P1 Log - (Comments OK!)

    1/12/2023 Tamatchi is here! I love Tamatchi's derpy eyes (Marutchi too) Look at dat face! It just makes you wanna squeeze it! Before evolving into Tamatchi, Marutchi got to full disciplined! I'm surprised I managed since I kept my tama muted while working Of course after evolving, we're back...
  3. Digi

    Digi's Tama P1 Log - (Comments OK!)

    Hi hi! I received tama mail today, which was my Christmas gift to myself. I received a used Tamagotchi P1 (from 1996/1997)! I did also buy a Digimon X2 and Sumikko Gurashi Mikke...! I may possibly log those too but Sumikko will not be here until next week Quick backstory: I got into tamas...
  4. Digi

    Sumikko Gurashi pets!

    Anyone here like Sumikko Gurashi?! I am interested in their vpet/handheld games! The Sumikko "Mikke" model seems kind of like the Tamagotchi Pix, using a built in camera. There are other models too: Sumikko Atsume, Catch, Sagashi, Mikke, and Water Anyone have any Sumikko vpets? How do you like...
  5. Digi

    Last Post Wins 2: electric boogaloo

    pet him and u win
  6. Digi

    What are you listening to now?

    Together by TVXQ I watched the Cinnamoroll movie last night and got the end credits song stuck in my head!
  7. Digi

    Back in Tama mode!

    Welcome back to tamas! I'm sorry to say, you're here forever. Once you get this deep into tamas, I don't think there's a way out as far as I know :P Jokes aside, I know what you mean about collecting! I'm totally guilty of buying new models before I fully explore the ones I have haha... The...
  8. Digi

    OMG used to come here long ago... I'm back!

    Thank you, nice to meet you! :wub: For Christmas I haven't bought anything yet, can't decide!! I am debating between a 4U and a Smart...! I'm gonna lurk and see what tamas everyones enjoying :D Hey, thank you!! Yeah I knew they were somehow related, but I had no idea they actually started as...
  9. Digi

    OMG used to come here long ago... I'm back!

    Hey!! I used to come here back in 2004 or so, when the connections first came out!! :O I think my name was lilpochitchigurl or something, and I was way too young to be here lol... (Official apology and thanks to the mods for dealing with my spam posts and spamming Kuchipatchi emojis + rainbow...