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  1. KidRetro64

    Hello.. And Goodbye!

    Hello! It’s KidRetro64 here. Back in the day, I used to spend every second of my spare time on this site. As a naive 10 year old, TamaTalk gave me a space to show off my passion of Tamagotchis and it was really the perfect environment for my young self to get to know others who also had a...
  2. KidRetro64

    Where to buy Hatsune Miku Nano Tamagotchis?

    Since I’m a huge Vocaloid fan I feel like it’s obligatory of me to Pre-Order the new Hatsune Miku themed Nanos. Only problem is that Bandai’s Japanese website is currently shipping to Asia and the USA only. Does anyone know how I could have one ordered to Scotland? And is there a chance that...
  3. KidRetro64

    Heads-up for UK fans: Pixel Stars Digital Dreamhouse discounted at The Entertainer

    Thanks for letting me know about this!  :lol: I never knew that they sold these in the UK, I assumed that they were only a US and Canada release. There’s actually an Entertainer shop opening near me in a few weeks so I might pop in once it’s open and get one for myself!
  4. KidRetro64

    Dangers of buying brand new vintage tamas...

    Personally I’ve bought vintage Tamagotchis NIB and with batteries still in them, and I have never had a problem with them. This does vary from the climate that they have been stored in though. Obviously if it’s been exposed to water or moisture the battery most likely will have defects, but this...
  5. KidRetro64

    Fake Tamagotchis Are All over the Internet

    Realistically, scams and fakes are unavoidable. Even for people like me and you who know their Fakes from their legitimate items, there will be people who false advertise. I have definitely been scammed before, and also overcharged. Ebay is full of people like this.
  6. KidRetro64

    Fake Tamagotchis Are All over the Internet

    I never knew this existed! I’ll definitely try this when I’m next buying anything on there. Honestly there are quite a lot of Tamagotchi ‘resellers’ even to this day. I think Etsy has the most, and some of them even sell fakes along with genuine items? I’m not sure why. The amount of videos on...
  7. KidRetro64

    Fake Tamagotchis Are All over the Internet

    It’s been a while since I’ve posted on this forum (also, 20,000 views! Thank you all!) so I thought I would get your guys input on this. Has anyone else been seeing less bootleg/fake Tamagotchis on eBay recently? It might just be me, but as I was scrolling through the ‘Tamagotchi’ search...
  8. KidRetro64

    Fake Tamagotchis Are All over the Internet

    Pretty much every bootleg V-Pet to ever exist has the same shell mould, poorly designed and cheaply made. There's no originality or uniqueness, just a carbon copy of something it isn't.
  9. KidRetro64

    My Tamagotchi Connection V4 Shuts Down In Seconds!

    Have you ever dropped your Tamagotchi or exposed it to water? If you have it could have damaged some of the internals. My only other guess to the problem would maybe be the brand of batteries? If you can, try a different kind.
  10. KidRetro64

    (HELP!!) Pixel Chix Broke

    My 1 and 2 storey houses used to do this all the time! What I used to do is take the batteries out and put them back in. Works for me, but if it doesn’t for you; try a different brand.
  11. KidRetro64

    Tamagotchi 2017 Usatama LCD Screen Damage

    I bought them 2 days ago from Sainsbury’s, so I would hope so!  :P It’s been in a drawer for 6 months without use with all my other Bandai Tamagotchis. I’ve played with them on and off with no trouble.
  12. KidRetro64

    Tamagotchi 2017 Usatama LCD Screen Damage

    Hello, folks!  :) In spite of easter, I decided a few days ago to run my Usatama in celebration. I went ahead today and removed the old batteries, and popped in the new. I’d done this numerous times before, so I didn’t think anything of it. As soon as I put the new ones in, the screen was...
  13. KidRetro64

    The Database of Fake and Generic Virtual Pets

    It really looks like it! The illustrations are rather.. bizarre. I suppose you can understand up to the Milk Carton and Apple.. but they just get stranger from there. Whoever decided on those needs to be fired  :P
  14. KidRetro64

    The Database of Fake and Generic Virtual Pets

    Name: ‘Hey Kitty’ Virtual Pet Type: Fake Notes: It has an identical shell to the Bandai Hello Kitty Tamagotchi; as well as saying ‘Hey Kitty’ on the bottom of the shell. It runs the Bunny ROM and the internals are identical to the 150-In 1 Tamagotchis.
  15. KidRetro64

    Fake Tamagotchis Are All over the Internet

    Hi everyone! Haven’t used this forum in a while.. but I do have something pretty great to share. It’s another generic VPet with the Bunny ROM, but it has a really similar shell to the Hello Kitty Tamagotchi? I’ll let you see for yourself.. it’s pretty accurate. The thing that surprised me the...
  16. KidRetro64

    Downloading Tamagotchi Meets App In UK App Store

    Hey all! So I recently bought another Tamagotchi Meets (the fairy JP ver. to be exact) and I want to try and connect it to the App and play with my other Meets on the App, too. The problem is that I live in the UK and I have an iPhone, so downloading the iOS App is quite tricky. I’m looking to...
  17. KidRetro64

    Pixel Chix Help

    Hi! Lucky for you, I own 8 Pixel Chix. I think I can help you on this one! Pixel Chix run out of batteries, and quick. Their refresh rate is extremely high so it eats them up within days. This is pretty inconvenient for people like me as it costs them quite a bit to keep on buying and replacing...
  18. KidRetro64

    Can this fake tamagotchi be used for parts ?

    The covers and shell will work, go ahead! In case your thinking of using the memory board and insides, they will have the same ROM as a fake so you probably don't want to do that!
  19. KidRetro64

    Friends model reviews?

    If I'm correct, this isn't actually true. Mr Blinky's jewlelry sender machine (not really sure what the official names of it is  :P ) but it is something along those lines! The generator can actually be used to fill in items that the shop doesn't sell, too. Although it would be better to have...
  20. KidRetro64

    Tamagotchi 4U defect

    Sorry to hear that  :(  from this, if you can't get it working I would send it back or try and get a refund. Before you do... - Have you waited a minute to put the batteries in? I say this a lot, but even after a week my 4U's battery died. I replaced them and it didn't turn on right away...