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    What happened to TamaTalk? O_o

    D: She was my toast. Now the toast is long gone. I remember she said she lived in Las Vegas. So if anyone here wants to fly there and find her, then go ahead :)
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    What happened to TamaTalk? O_o

    Hehe. I remember you x.P O K E R F A C E. So there's no more Ksenia, Huntr, FeeBee, or the rest of the aweshome peoples here anymore? D: Also, they have these status update things?
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    What happened to TamaTalk? O_o

    I've been an on and off member of TT since... about 5 years ago. This is my first time coming on since last May.... The site layout has changed? Any other changes that happened within the past year? Thanks! -Shayna
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    What's your bedroom like?

    I haven't seen my room in about a month because I've been away. It's teeny. I don't think I have enough room for a desk, but I'm buying one anyway. It's a pretty small desk though... I have white walls and pink carpet, my walls are pretty bare except for a shelf that's super cluttered with my...
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    You all have personality disorders.

    Paranoid 14% Schizoid 18% Schizotypal 54% Antisocial 26% Borderline 14% Histrionic 26% Narcissistic 30% Avoidant 10% Dependent 54% Obsessive-Compulsive 14% I saw the dependent thing coming, I really hate being alone... I don't think I have trouble in close relationships, but I've...
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    My Peacocks Hatched

    I love peacocks! They are so beautiful... I love how a lot of them are a dark blue color, which is my favorite color.
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    To Buy List?

    (Fake) Diamond/Pearl studs Stud Earrings (Anyone have any nice, cheap ones I can buy online?) Fake-out Long sleeves to put under my T-shirts next year (Going to a Jewish Religous school..) More underwear! =D I love owning a gazillion pairs of underwear. I have almost 30 pairs. Bras iTunes...
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    Most Embarrassing Moment

    According to my friends, I have no shame. So instead of being embarassed, I embarass other people, like what I did to a boy on my class the other day: I was finishing up my period and realized I had an extra pad in my bag, rather than saving it for my next period, I went up to a boy in my class...
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    Toaster Strudel vs Pop tarts

    I used to have Toaster strudels but they don't make them Kosher anymore. I remember I ate my first Toaster strudel when I started reading HP and the Deathly Hallows when it first came out. I've never had a Pop Tart because they aren't kosher but they look very enjoyable with all that artifical...
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    What do you have bookmarked on your computer?

    What do you have bookmarked on your computer? This is what I have bookmarked: TamaTalk 1000 awesome things blog Recipe for onigiri 07-Ghost bookmark Axis Powers 07-Ghost anime Maid-sama manga bookmark My life is Jewish GMH SEGWAY!
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    Baby names

    You come up with really nice names. =3
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    Do you sing in the shower?

    The last I sang was a song I made up about a Walrus's journey across Russia who later puts on a wig and joins the Beatles. (Walrus in the sky with diamonds! xD)
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    At 6 o' clock I clicked on that link. It's now 8 o' clock and I've read 50 pages. I love it. <3
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    silly bands!

    Everyone in my school has them. I actually think they are bad for me, because a second grader gave me 2 silly bands (A pineapple and a pine tree) But when I put them on my head felt all crowded and I did something that almost made someone push me down the stairs. (For real) So I gave them to a...
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    Do you have a middle name?

    My middle name is 'Eliana'. I actually quite like it. Also, my twin's middle name is "Eliyahu' My mom didn't realize she made our middle names so similar until we were about 10 yrs old.
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    Discussions with your parents taht you hate

    I hate it when my mom complains that I'm doing too much homework. Yes, she complains when I DO my homework, instead of nagging me TO DO my homework. Instead of just leaving me alone and letting me do my work, she'll be "You spend too much time on your homework! Just finish it! Geez, how hard can...
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    Baby names

    What would you name your kids? Right now I really like the name Alice. Since it's from Alice in Wonderland, whenever I hear of someone named Alice, they seem mysterious and old fashioned and strangely... 'wonderful'. I feel so poetic right now. x3 I want to name one of my future kids with a...
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    Home remedies

    A while back there was a home remedies topic, so now I'm bringing it back. Here are some I know: -Wet your hair, cover it with honey, leave for 25-30 minutes, then wash out with shampoo. After hair drys, brush hair with a soft-bristled brush. Hair will be very shiny. (I just tried this. It...
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    Dave Days.

    ^ I love Dave too. I mostly love the original Hannah Montana cardboard cutout ones.
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    What was the last word you said?

    "...scary o.o" There was an ad for 'adopt a virtual kitty' and the kitty was FREAKY. o.o