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  1. Code_Name_Geek

    Tips for learning Japanese

    Thanks for the suggestions everyone! Looks like a lot of great stuff to check out. I should have clarified that I'm definitely not planning on exclusively learning entertainment media for learning, as someone who went to French immersion school for 13 years I know how important it is to have...
  2. Code_Name_Geek

    Tips for learning Japanese

    Hey everyone, I'm starting to learn Japanese and since a lot of people here seem to know some basics, I was wondering if anyone has any tips or suggestions for good resources. I like Duolingo a lot for language learning and it works pretty well for latin and germanic languages since they're...
  3. Code_Name_Geek

    Corner Shop

    Oh yeah I'd like to add that in the time since my last post I've been playing Corner Shop 2 a bit and it's pretty fun. The games all have unique gameplay although some can get a bit tedious at times, but I love seeing all the different Tamagotchi characters and getting to know their names...
  4. Code_Name_Geek

    Help identifying Furby

    Yeah you're right about the mic, I guess I remembered wrong about my old Furbies! I put the app on my little sister's iPod and it works on the Furby side but the iPod doesn't seem to respond to the Furby. Ah well, doesn't seem like it's much of a loss. This Furby is hilarious by the way...
  5. Code_Name_Geek

    Can't get battery out of a V3

    Glad to hear it worked! I'm pretty sure that's the way they were intended to be taken out so as long as you go slow it should be fine. I did it for years as a careless kid and never broke anything. That is weird about the Music Star, but I'm glad it's working now!
  6. Code_Name_Geek

    Can't get battery out of a V3

    Do you see the little indent between the two smaller clips? You should be able to use that to get underneath it and gently pry it out, pushing it back from the small clips. There's a bit of wiggle room on the long clip side if I remember correctly, since that's the way one would put in a...
  7. Code_Name_Geek

    Help identifying Furby

    Thanks everyone, that makes finding information a lot easier! I remember wanting one of these when they came out but I thought I was "too old" for Furbies... Now that I'm an adult I don't care! :lol: I'm also curious--if anyone has/had one of these, how sensitive are they to sound when...
  8. Code_Name_Geek

    My Tamagotchi Friends Evolution Chart

    This is really awesome, thanks!! I've almost got them all by now but I was curious how it worked (accidentally stumbled upon the secret character even).
  9. Code_Name_Geek

    Help identifying Furby

    So I picked up a Furby for cheap at a garage sale today and I was wondering if anyone knows exactly which model it is. It looks like this (the eyes are LCD screens): It didn't come with any instructions so I'd like to track those down once I figure out which model it is. I used to have the...
  10. Code_Name_Geek

    2017 Tamagotchi P1 & P2 Appear in GameStop Inventory System

    Oh boy, I hope this is true!! I definitely want one of those :D
  11. Code_Name_Geek

    Greetings from Canada!

    Thanks everyone!
  12. Code_Name_Geek

    What Are You Playing Now?

    I'm currently playing through Bravely Default on the 3DS and loving it! It's a solid JRPG that is an enjoyable challenge, and introduces some new mechanics to the standard RPG battle system. The music and art style suit the somewhat somber atmosphere of the game very well. My only complaint is...
  13. Code_Name_Geek

    Do you remember your first tama?

    My first one was the blue Connection V3, which I begged for after my best friend let me play with one of his on a school field trip. I seem to remember a different screen background though? It's currently sitting in a drawer in my bedroom but it still worked last time I tried it. My younger...
  14. Code_Name_Geek

    Any musicians?

    I'm a jazz musician, mainly trumpet but I also double on flügelhorn (a mellow-sounding trumpet-like instrument). I'm working towards a music degree and my favourite ensemble to play in is big band.
  15. Code_Name_Geek

    Why do You Lose Interest in Tamas?

    I lost interest way back when because I had too many going at once (I had five different generations of Connections, all of which I was trying to raise perfectly). I recently lost interest with the 20th Anniversary version because there was no continuity; it felt like each new baby was starting...
  16. Code_Name_Geek

    Corner Shop

    I recently picked up Corner Shop 2 and have yet to play it, but reading all these recommendations makes me want to give it a try! These games usually sell for quite cheap at used video game stores if anyone's looking to pick them up (I saw another copy of Corner Shop 2 at my local store for...
  17. Code_Name_Geek

    Greetings from Canada!

    Hello fellow Tamagotchi fans! I grew up with the Tamagotchi Connections in the early 2000s (I'm now 20) and though I've never lost my love for them, I've recently been getting back into the franchise with the 20th Anniversary edition and the MyTamagotchiForever app. I'm also just a fan of toys...